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Mario Head Leeches!
Mario Teaches Leeching!
Created 5 years ago
"Imma gonna fly for you!" "*PLANE NOISES*"
Just listen to the preview and you'll get it.

It replaces the screech leeches make when they charge at you,
(The flying ones not the maggots.) into the classic sounds of Mario Head going around the screen.

--Activate Self-Advertising--

Not satisfied? Check out my other mods which is sure to be a sure to satisfy that quench. Too lazy to add links here, but it's honesty not that hard to just click my face to check the other mods out. Now do it, click my face.

Oh wait, that's right.
Download's down there.
Right there.
No really.
Okay Bye.


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The mod I never knew I wanted, but the one I now cannot live without.
This appears to be my most popular mod to this date, so thanks for that!
Also, in the near future I will be replacing another mod which replaces monster grunts with Donkey Kong's voice from the N64. Keep an eye out for it!
That will actually be the sound for when you enter a treasure room. Also, OOOOOHHHh, BANANA.
Fun Fact, this was done a week ago, but the "Rare" glitch prevented me. Now that I did, MY FELLOW FANS 'Cricket Noises' I PRESENT YOU THIS. Hold the applause.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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