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Afterbirth Save Editor
Edits Afterbirth save files.
Created 5 years ago
This is a pretty functional save editor for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. It currently supports editing known stored values like mom kills/eden tokens/etc, endings seen, post-it note progress, collected items, secrets unlocked, bosses defeated, challenges completed, and special seeds unlocked.

It's windows-only, but it should support both steam cloud and offline saves.

Please back up your save files before you edit them to avoid the risk of (permanent) save corruption.


All three save slots need to exist for this to work. If you don't have save files for slots 2/3, start and stop a new run in those slots before using this.

I would not recommend editing files while the game is open. Close the game before opening the editor and making changes.

For the vast majority of use cases, just hit auto-load and the save editor will automatically locate your steam cloud saves. If you want it to automatically locate your offline saves, uncheck the "using steam cloud saves" box before hitting auto-load -- it'll locate the savedatapath.txt file in your afterbirth exe folder and read a save location from it.

You can manually load a folder using the open manually button -- if the steam cloud folder is checked, load the "250900" folder in your steam userdata folder. If it isn't, load the "The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth" folder in Documents/My Games.

If you're editing steam cloud saves, it will (try to) automatically update the steam cloud hash on save, preventing steam cloud from downloading the stored online save and wiping your edits.

Source code is available here:

Warning: The source is very, very bad.


x 825
it says afterbirth not afterbirth+
i know this is probably a frequently asked but can you make an afterbirth+ version or support for it?
when i start a run with isaac he starts with missingNo. ? only on isaac and only on that save file i used the mod on :s
When I try to edit it comes up with an error message saying "Save 2 is too old to be loaded." How can I resolve this? I just updated to have Booster Pack 5
keeps telling me savefile 1 does not exist.
how do you save/backup the files first
i got afterbirth,i deleted mods,started a run in the 3 files,unlocked and saved in the 3 files,and is not working why?
pls make a vídeo about how to use this
how do i get this to work? it keeps telling me it cant find my files

It works, Thank you very much, now i got 1001%!
For some reason, I have the error "Valid folder, but persistentgamedata1.dat doesn't exist." (I have already 3 files with this name) and when I try to load my save files with Steam Cloud says "Program was unable to locate saves." any fix or help? Thanks.
Can you plz make this 64 bit? it says it needs 84 bits which i dont have
that's because there's no such thing as an 84 bit os
Thank you, I can now play with my ps4 save on pc
please make one for afterbirth+, me and many other players would greatly appreciate that as this mod is extremely useful for just having fun. thx
Can you make one for Afterbirth+? I don't want to reset my afterbirth progress when I play
can u make save editor for afterbirth+?
Warning if you plan to update to afterbirth plus with this mod effecting your save files it will fuck with which character gets who's achievements. when i beat greedier mode with Isaac i got plan c which your supposed to only get with greedier mode Lazarus.
A question how can i open all the challenges
doesnt work for afterbirth+, will you be updating this?
It don't work with afterbirth+, do you plan an update?
I keep getting the same error "unable to update steam cloud sha1 hash", any ideas on how to fix this?
it wont let me download it as it wont extract
really hope this gets updated to afterbirth+
there are somethings i dont want to go through the pain of unlocking
the point of this mod to get achievements you did but you used mods so it didn't unlock
Does this work with Afterbirth+ as well?
didn't get it yet but i can already tell this is going to help me get my old files instead of chea- i mean working it all back, ya that.....
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