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Better Marked and Epic Fetus aim!
A simple fix to the "Marked" and "Epic Fetus" items aim.
Created 9 years ago
Sometimes it's kinda too hard to notice the aim, specially during the Womb chapters(since the floor is red).
So i made this simple fix to make it more noticiable.

Just extract the .rar file into your game folder.


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This mod is now on Steam Workshop for Afterbirth+:Here
also helps in the boss rush with all of the blood on the floor
Perfect! At least now I can finally see where I am aiming at with my least favourite (but actually good) new item in Afterbirth
- signed; everyone who's played the womb with these items, ever.
Which mod is the one that allows u to have golden rooms in the womb
I edited the game to teleport me to the Womb floor using Cheat Engine to take the screenshots. I don't think there's a mod that allows you to find treasure rooms in this floor.
whats that ting on the left that tells you your stats, also this is a really good mod good job.
It's a tool caled MissingHUD 2. You can download it here: Just open your game and then launch it, it will show your stats when you start a new run
And thanks for the compliments :^)
I like these little aesthetic mods that make small yet noticeable improvements to the game.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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