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Isaac Item Pool Editor
Edits your favorite (and least favorite) Item Pools
Created 5 years ago
This program allows you to edit any item pool in the game.

It will create an xml file called itempools.xml. You put that file in the correct resources folder.

For Windows typically:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/

For Mac, typically:
~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/the binding of isaac/The Binding Of

Works on mac, windows, and linux.

Have fun!


x 132

- Fixed a deleting issue, thanks to those to told me about it.

- Description update

Making item pools worst is actually a good idea, bcuz i don't want an OP run
for clarification, does this work on rebirth, afterbirth, or afterbirth plus? Also, if anyone could notify me to an afterbirth plus item pool editor if this one does not work for afterbirth plus? thank you ahead of time!
i only have the jar file and it says ''a java expetion occured'' or something like that
I can't seem to find the .jar file. All i have is CLASS files, the XML document, the READ ME and the MF document. What am I doing wrong?
P.S: Did not extract
Doesn't work for me. The program closes when I select the file.
im gonna make the angel item pool 10x better
This mod is the mod that Hutts uses for his challenges, correct?
i don't think so, i'm pretty sure he use's the "custom afterbirth challenge launcher"
how to i get to the editing window

thank u this is incradible only moms knife XD
OMG! This is the one thing I was looking for! Thank you so much deathssoul! ~From Jon
i downloaded it and couldn't find out how to use it im a idiot lol
I don't see the .jar file from the download? There are class files named: Code, GUI$1-6, GUI, XMLReaderTest, an XML File named itempools, a text document named items, and then another folder named META-INF with an MF File named MANIFEST.MF inside.

What did I miss here?
You must've extracted the jar file.
Thank you so much for this mod. Now I don't have to deal with all the shitty followers and usable items. Although now my d6 are only good for rerolling key pieces and scripted boss drops like Krampo's head. Oh well, still a net gain imo
I don't think there is, but just I haven't used it alot, so look around, cuz it may be there!
I don't understand...

I use the Jar file, it opens up a navigation window and tells me to: "Select itempools.xml to save the file or choose a directory if you don't have one."...
So I follow the filepath provided to resources, but there is no itempool.xml there...

Since I don't seem to have the required .xml I figure that I need to choose a directory...

Not entirely certain what that entails, I go back a step, select the 'resources' folder and click the 'open' button, but nothing happens...

Do you know what I am doing wrong?
Update: I figured out the problem. After performing a search for 'itempool.xml' I discovered that the file was placed in *PcName*/desktop. I then moved the .xml file to the filepath described in the mod's description.


I'll explain the process of setting up the mod in exhaustive detail to help people avoid confusion...

First, download the file on this page...

When the download has completed you will have a .zip file named 'isaac-item-pool-editor-2.0', run this file through a program like 7zip or WinZip...

You will extract a folder from the .zip file, inside of this folder you will find an executable jar file, open this file...

After a moment a popup will open, press cancel...

After a few more moments, the editor tool itself will open, at this point make whatever changes you want to the item pool...

Once you have finished, hover over the word 'submit' in the top-left hand corner of the window, a drop down list will appear, click on the 'submit' option...

Close the editor, and use the search function of Windows Explorer to find 'itempool.xml'...

When you have found the file, move it to the filepath specified in the mod's description...

Next time you open the game your changes should have been enacted...


Oh, and then come back here and thank deathssoul for the cool mod...
Thanks for the exhaustive detailed explanation. If you don't mind, can I use your explanation in the description?

Also, I'm glad you like it.
Have you thought about releasing the source code? I'd very much like to try replicating this in C#.
How do I use this?
I run it with Java and then select "resources" but then it stops.
I run it with Java but nothing happens
Try installing jre or the jdk. That's worked with other people.
I'm on Linux and I use OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime. I tried JRE aswell but nothing happens. Nothing...
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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