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Darker Overlays
Makes the shadow overlays over rooms darker and more prominent.
Created 3 years ago
Most rooms have subtle shadow effects cast over them from above - planks of wood in the Basement, bars in the Depths, veins in the Womb, etc. This mod makes them darker and a bit more obvious to add to the atmosphere.

To install, extract the context into the resources folder. Also includes a fix for the overlays in Sheol (they appear in the Dark Room instead because of a typo). If you don't want this, don't extract fxlayers.xml

EDIT: This works with Afterbirth if you don't extract fxlayers.xml, though the game now has bug in the overlay system, which means not all the rooms will show the shadows.


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This mod contains:
Great mod! Really improves the atmosphere of the game
This is GORGEOUS! I sure hope you will be able to fix it for afterbirth.
this is actually really cool i always thought its weird that nobody noticed the overlays
like how in the chest its only ever isaacs shadow, lampshading the fact that isaac is looking into the chest that he's....... in
June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

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