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More Special Rooms mod
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Created 3 years ago
I got bored with all the 'normal' special rooms, so I decided to make my own!

I have added:
*15 treasure rooms (I thought it was a bit easy, so I added a few more monster item rooms, to add a small challenge)
*10 Black markets (after removing the first bunch)
*10 new Devil rooms
*10 new Angel rooms
*10 new curse rooms
*8 new shops
*5 new super secret rooms
*5 new I Am Error rooms
*10 new libraries
*A new start room
*A new room for each Mini-Boss fight, including the epics
*5 new self-sacrifice rooms

A new icon will be made... eventually


x 23

- added 5 new Treasure Rooms

- added 1 new room for EACH mini-boss fight, including epics

- added 5 new self-sacrifice rooms

- New I Am Error rooms

- New Library rooms

This mod contains:
Room Pack
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