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The Isaac of Flysaacs
Reskins ALL THE FLIES to be Flysaacs
Created 4 years ago
Essentially this mod just adds a bit more Isaac for your Fly collectibles AND enemies!

Halo of Flies = Halo of Isaacs
Distant Admiration = Distant Isaacs
Forever Alone = Forever Isaac
Best Bud = Best Isaac
Smart Fly = Smart Isaac
Big Fan = Big Isaac
The Mulligan = The Mulligisaac
Hive Mind = Hive Isaac
Infestation = Infestisaac
Skatole = Isaactole
???'s Only Friend = ???'s Only Isaac

And the sprites are different as well! ENJOY THE EXTRA ISAAC!

TheSwiftTiger did this bunch. Welcome him to the madness >: D

Be sure to sub to the Issac of Reisaac subreddit for daily updates on things not posted here:


x 25

- fixed full flies

- Added Motorfly

This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
Items & Trinkets
New Enemies
wuw llololololololllolololoololololollol
why would i take any other isaac if i have the best isaac
Isaac and his Isaac lived alone in a small Isaac on an Isaac. Isaac kept to himself, drawing Isaacs and playing with his Isaacs as his Isaac watched Christian Isaac on the Isaac. Isaac was Isaac, and they were both Isaac. That was, until Isaac's Isaac heard an Isaac from Isaac. 'Your Isaac has become Isaac by Isaac, he needs to be Isaac.' 'I will do my best Isaac, my Isaac', she replied, rushing into Isaac's Isaac, removing all that was Isaac from his Isaac. Again, the Isaac called Isaac. 'Isaac's Isaac is still Isaac. He needs to be cut off from all that is Isaac in his Isaac and confess his Isaacs.' 'I will follow your Isaac, I have Isaac in thee', Isaac's Isaac replied, as she locked Isaac in his Isaac, away from the Isaacs of the Isaac. One last Isaac, Isaac's Isaac heard the Isaac of Isaac calling to Isaac. 'You've done as I've asked, but I still question your Isaac to Isaac. To prove your Isaac, I will ask one more Isaac of Isaac.' 'Yes, Isaac, anything.' Isaac's Isaac begged. 'To prove your Isaac in Isaac, I require Isaac. Your Isaac will be the Isaac. Go into his Isaac, and end his Isaac, as an Isaac to Isaac to prove you Isaac me above all Isaac.' 'Yes, Isaac', she replied, grabbing an Isaac from the Isaac. Isaac, watching through an Isaac in his Isaac, trembled in Isaac. Scrambling around his Isaac to find an Isaac, he noticed an Isaac to the Isaac, hidden under his Isaac. Without Isaac, he flung open the Isaac, just as Isaac burst through his Isaac, and threw himself down into the unknown Isaacs below.
Isaac is the most Isaac thing Isaac has ever Isaac.
I am not good at making puns or jokes or whatever
if you continue with making "isaac" mods, you can do a big mod collection "The Isaac of Isaac"
isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac isaac xD
oh oh OH OH 0h 0 i had a great i d e a whqt if all the familiars are just various different versions of the isaacs head trinket like ghost baby is ghost isaac and its isaac but with a GHOST FACE and brother bobby is like isaac but with a blue baby face is it not genius. it is
Can you reskin these items: Technology, Technology 2, Tech.5, Tiny Planet, Spoon Bender, Steven?
I'll be on it once I finish changing every single item name to an Isaac name.
i think you mean "Isaac will be on Isaac once Isaac finishes changing every single Isaac name to an Isaac name." a Isaac redundant but i Isaac the best Isaac could
ISAAC INTENSIFIES should eb theIsaac of Isaac mod's name
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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