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Little Larry Chain Ball
Makes the Chainball Familiar Item to a Little Larry
Created 3 years ago
replaces the textures of the chainball with the Boss Larry that is connected with you like gemini.


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I would like to see better sprite but idea is nice
Awesome, but... This mod is for Afterbirth or for Afterbirth+ ?
posted it a while ago I think already before even Afterbirth DLC released. So it is for Afterbirth only, but I think it's not so difficult to adapt it to the new DLC, cause it's only a texture replacement At the moment I don't have much time to look it up or even change the way the Mod works but I think it's easy for you to take this over to the new DLC
Don't add it on A+, plz. I'm playing Afterbirth
Sounds like little Larry is hungry for rocks...MAKE LARRY (The boss) INTO THE ORIGINAL BALL AND CHAIN NOW I WILL GIVE YOU ALL OF MY HEARTS
I took this serious until i thought about swinging larry jr around while you spin me right round baby plays
A really neat idea! It doesn't make as much sense, but it looks much better.
looks better than the original one
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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