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Chest Mimic!
Adds a new monster, hiding in Chests!
Created 4 years ago
Add mod that adds new monsters, Chest Mimics. There will be more Mimics, and bosses, but that's for later updates
Feedback is always appreciated!
Also, please list bugs that occur so I can fix them!

Help Wanted!
~You can help, or, give ideas if you wanted ~
~I will also put your name in the description~


x 39

- The Package now spawns more

- New room layouts!

- New Familiar! Lil' Chester gives you some items!

- New Chest Boss! Called- "The Package"

- New Chest mimic! The Demon In a box! (Stone Chest)

You can add them to Afterbirth plus ^^
But this is quite old :c You can not support this anymore.
very creative, but we still need to know what they do
I have a few concerns. The game crashes whenever I boot it up with this installed (I extracted the .zip, and copied everything inside into the resources folder) so how do I download this exactly? Ive never downloaded a mod that adds new enemies. And also is this rebirth of afterbirth only?
How about some spike mimics? they are attached to the ground and when you get to close to them they throw the spikes on their head at you.
is this only rebirth compatible or is it rare
RIP: The Lost
always rushing towards chests
[whenever you unlocked The Lost] - [Installing this mod]
How about a poop mimic like the one i made here:
Well, I looked at it. And first, Chest Mimic, not Poop mimic, but I know what you mean. Second- .xml modding is limited, its not as "Flexible" as that but, yeah. Its a good idea
Thank you for all the support & feedback! You guys are great
How people do this I may never know.
Rip days of tutorials
Its actually pretty easy to learn, just takes some time and effort
if you want, you can use these screenshots i have. they look pretty cool
Awww, thanks If you want, you to, can help me on this mod if you wanted!
this mod is great. i played a bit with it and got to one room with 3 of them, nearly ran straight into them until i realized they were enemys. 10/10
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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