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TBOI: Afterbirth + Configuration Tool
An easy way to configure the binding of isaac options.
Created 1 year ago
Using this tool you can:
1) Configure all parameters in options.ini including hidden.
2) Configure congig.ini where you can change some graphics options.
3) Enable/Disable mods and import/export presetted modlists.

Please leave your feedback in the comments.


x 6

- Windowed fullscreen start prompt.

- Checking only mods without LUA.

- Bugfixes.

The game won't crash, because this program doesn't do anything with the game or game memory.
oh I guess it will crash it. cuz my computer said "DONT RUN IT"
Is it safe. will the game crash? yes or no.
can be fortunate if some mods crash the game because deleting them takes a lot of time.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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