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Super Mario RPG Music Mod!
For SMRPG lovers!
Created 1 year ago

100 Downloads! Thanks guys!

I'm amazed that this mod got so many downloads, thanks a lot guys! Even if Hutts kinda roasted music mods as a whole because of it, at least everyone else enjoyed it. Thank you all, and you're welcome


This mod may only be in V1.1, but it's done. This update I finished everything, and added some jingles and extra sounds!

Stuff Changed

Music Changes

- Chapter I = The Road Is Full Of Dangers
- Chapter II = The Dungeon Is Full Of Monsters
- Chapter III = Sunken Ship
- Chapter IV = Smithy Factory (Not Weapon Factory.)
- Sheol = Koopa Castle (Second Time)
- Cathedral = Valentina
- Dark Room / Chest / Void = Weapons Factory
- Blue Womb = Weapons Factory
- The Shop = Going Shopping At Seaside Town
- Library = Forest Maze
- Secret Room = Star Hill
- The Calm = Conversation With Culex
- Boss / Alt Boss = Fight Against Monsters
- Boss Outro = Victory Over Monsters
- Isaac / Blue Baby / Satan = Fight Against Smithy
- Mom's Heart = Fight Against An Armed Boss
- Mom's Leg = Fight Against Koopa
- Angel Room = My Paradise ~ Monstro Town
- Devil Room = Smithy Factory
- The Lamb / Hush / Ambush = Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming
- Ultra Greed / Delirium = Fight Against Culex
- Death Music = Sad Song


- Penny Pickup = Frog Coin Collect
(as well as the nickle and dime!)


- Secret Room Find = Battle Bells (Doom Reverb)
- Treasure Room Find = Battle Bells (Elegy)

I might be wrong on some of these or may have forgotten, sorry about that. Please comment to let me know any mistakes!


x 14

- Removed shop intro (it plays before the song that should)

- Added sounds for Dime and Nickle pickups

- Read description ;)

I never cared for music mods but this is really cool. Thanks for making it
I never though about using a music mod until now.
I never though about using a music mod until now.
I never though about using a music mod until now.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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