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True Co-op
Co-op babies begone! Play as your own own individual characters!
Created 9 months ago

With up to four players, select your own individual characters, and have fun! You can pick up your own items, trinkets, cards, and pills, instead of having to share with player one!

Configure a number of different factors of gameplay, including enemy HP scaling per-character, player ghosts, and more!

A fun new challenge is available! Play with multiple characters at once-- at the same time! Painful, chaotic fun! I mean...long live the hive-mind!


Meowlala- Lead Dev, Programming
S-body- Art, Animation
OrigamiDragon- Art, Animation
Electoon- Art / Animation assistance, trailer, screenshots, testing
Deadskull- Testing
Ballisticannon- Testing
Chrome- Testing
Bustin a Bloch- Testing
EnderSlique- Testing

Special thanks to the Binding of Isaac discord community for support and testing, and to other members of Team Alpha who assisted in the discovery of game functionality that made this possible.

Q / A

I remember in Antibirth, the game was bugged so you couldn’t resume with a co-op character! Does this mod done by a completely different development group somehow have the same issue?
Nope. So long as the mod is enabled, all of the data for the additional co-op character will be saved-- just be sure to join in the proper order. If you don’t, just exit out and try again or swap controllers.

My friend is a ghost!! What do I do?
Find a Devil or Angel room-- you can resurrect them from there.

Mod characters!! I want mod characters!!
We offer the tools needed for proper mod character implementation, but it’ll have to be done on the side of character creators-- if you want your favorite modded character compatible, ask the creator if they can do compatibility.

This is confusing! Who is who?
If you’d like to see who’s who, hold down [TAB] to give off a colored tint on each player. If you want this tint on all the time, plus specially colored text indicators, there is an option to change it in the config.

Screw being a ghost! When my partner dies, I want everyone to feel it!
No problem-- we have a few other options for death in the config: the run ends when someone dies, a player dies and re-spawns as a ghost unable to be resurrected, dies and spawns as a ghost with the ability to resurrect in sacrifice rooms, or dies and spawns as a ghost with the ability to resurrect in devil or angel rooms (on by default).

You keep talking about this config, what’s that all about?
We actually made a challenge that allows you to customize how True Co-Op works, allowing you to change such options as the HUD, how players are resurrected, and more. Press R to exit the challenge.

Something something ONLINE CO-OP
No. Online Co-op is not feasible with a mod using solely the Afterbirth+ lua API.

Your mod breaks my mod! How can I fix this?
Directly below the Config table in main.lua is a blob of useful information for ensuring compatibility with True Co-Op! Feel free to ask questions to DeadInfinity#5189 (meowlala) on Discord if you need clarification.

True Co-op Steam link!

True Co-op Youtube Trailer link!


x 242

- Forgotten Update Patch:

- Forgotten player one ghost / revival support.

- Minor fixes relating to bone hearts.

- Custom Co-op Boss Splash & Booster 5 basic support. The new character unfortunately cannot work with co-op as player 2-4, but this should help with many of the crashing issues.

looks cool, gotta keep this mod in mind when i do get afterbirth +
how to install that mod. whats folder i dropped it in resourses and it isn't work
Does this work with Rebirth or WinZip?
what version of the afterbirth+ do you need in order for this mod to work? because right now it doesn't work and in the mods option it says its old pls help.
Sadly For Some Reason It Won't Work For Me... Other Wise I Would Love To Have This Mod!
try restarting the game after enabling the mod. It doesn't work otherwise for me
Is there a way to modify player 2 characters? They spawn as default characters? I would really appreciate any help
Nevermind, found it. In casy anybody else has this problem, you have to open main.lua with notepad and modify each character separately.
Although I still can't figure out why "???" (blue baby) spawns as Isaac even though he is unlocked
Why doesn't player 2 character use stats and items from players.xml? Such coop used to work fine in Antibirth. please help!
Need an Afterbirth (not plus) version to apreceate this mod
this mod helps alot.
no more annoying babies.
I Was Scrolling Through the Mods, saw this one, saw Azael, and said "Comedy."
are there gonna be rebirth version? like not afterbirth, but standart rebirth?
Why does player 2 spawn without custom starting items? (players.xml modification) HELP please
Are you sure I can spawn players 2-4 using spawn command? Which ID should I use?
the other character spawns as a regular co-op baby. what do i do?
The 2nd player spawns as a default character, ignoring any changes from players.xml. Is it normal or did I do something wrong?
Every time I try to join the game with a second player, my game close himself !
skidaddle skidoodle your dick is now a noodle. Daddy ;)
pls make a tutorial video of how to install the mod and how to use it (how to get a second player to join) cause for some reason it dos not want to work for me
This is amazing and i love it. Just a question, how long did this take to make and how hard was it to make?
does you need dlc 2 pley (quastion mark)
You can READ right? at the start it says it requires Afterbirth+
at the END of it. it says you need Afterbirth +.
I will be updating the download with the latest update as soon as it comes out, this update will include Forgotten Player1 ghost mode and fetus assets and a few bug fixes.
Hello ! I've a problem, when I summon a second player, it does exactly the same thing that without the mod, why ?
Will you update the download? I know the mod was updated since bp5 but this page doesn't has the update. Thanks
Hate to sound stupid, I assume no one will read this anyway, but how do I access the new challenge where you control 4 at once, I thought it was quadriplegic, but that only spawns one, they'res no specific buttons to press to spawn in new players either :/
So, how do you revive them from the Devil or Angel deal?
how do you play with your friends on this game and how to do it
I have a question does this grant double item rooms?
is so cool thats i need to play with my friends
Can I get Help? the Controller only spans in a a Baby! please help.
Are you playing Afterbirth or Afterbirth+? If you are playing Afterbirth it doesn't work. Afterbirth+ on the other hand does work.
When i use it i spawn as a baby , please help me.
Doesn't work for me..... Whenever I press start on second controller it spawns in as a baby and I can't pick anything up
When i put it in my Antibirth folder all enemies and projectiles became invincible and the game crashed, what happened?
One Of The Best Mod I Have Seen..It Makes Multiplayer Much Better
Cuando lo descargo y lo meto en Afterbirth + mods e inicio el juego, si, me aparece como mod, pero no me funciona. Alguna solución?
Ya he arreglado el error. Simplemente me he tenido que comprar el juego Rebirth con todos los DLC y ya funciona. Por favor, si podeis, podríais hacer una version para TBOI Afterbirth+ pirata?

I have already fixed the error. I just had to buy the Rebirth game with all the DLC and it works. Please, if you can, could you do a version for TBOI Afterbirth + pirate?
Thank you
Best mod.

Now imagine this with Antibirth :o
b-but this is an idea from antibirth
Everyone's Favorite Mod is here on the second greatest Isaac Workshop. download it if you can.
June 5, 2018 - 7 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.