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Soul Rocks
A blue glow on tinted/marked rocks.
Created 5 months ago
Replaces the textures of tinted/marked rocks with a blue glow around it to help find them easier.

I am running the game without Afterbirth + and won't be able to test if it works. Tell me if I need to do something to make it work with Afterbirth +.

Also this is my first mod, so I hope you enjoy!

Thanks guys for 30+ downloads! I wouldn't think this mod would get that much!


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- Added Notice

- Added Notice

In Afterbirth you put the gfx folder in your resources folder. I don't know about Afterbirth +.
which folder do we put it in? the resources or some other folder?
It doesn't go in the resources folder. That's what I did and it didn't work.
Nevermind! Just run the resourceextracor.exe in the resorceextractor folder in the tools folder then extract it to the grid folder in gfx! (I hope that makes sense!)
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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