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Azazel Buff
Now you can unlock Lilith!
Created 7 months ago
Just a quick and simple mod that improves Azazel a LOT!

Handy for when you die on Ultra Greed and you can't be bothered actually putting in all the effort to go through greed mode again.


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- Due to popular demand, this mod has now been ported to Afterbirth+!

- Due to popular command, this mod has now been ported to Afterbirth+!

- Fixed problem where you don't start off with Tammy's Head

- Azazel now also starts off with both key pieces and the Polaroid!

Lel somehow I unlocked Lilith already bc of some OP seed in greed mode :P
Sweet! But still, if you are looking for some mindless fun, this is the mod!
I saw it and I love it! Port it over to AB+ and I'll do the same!
not yet. im afraid i am really ill atm so i cant do that much
oh wait you meant normal afterbirth? yes it does
k ty because i want lilith plus my players.xml thing is gone
Not that I'm aware of. I'll see if I can port it over!
You're wish has came true! It's now available for +!
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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