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A complex, challenging, and fun new boss!
Created 21 days ago

Made by melon and Quartz

It's everyone in the world's favorite modded boss, Mahalath!

Mahalath poses a more difficult and complex challenge than other bosses in Isaac, but with a little focus and learning can be overcome like any other. Want to fight her right away? Just go to Challenges, press Tab, and pick the custom Mahalath challenge!

In the current state of the API, there is very little support for custom bosses, so at the moment Mahalath replaces The Stain out of necessity. When you would normally encounter The Stain, you will instead find Mahalath. If the API is updated with more support, I plan to make her an addition rather than a replacement.

Have fun!


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- the modification has improved

Nice animation! Also, the way he/she attacks is funny lol
its so good, i hope its added in the next booster pack
I like to see ideas like these, good job!
January 20, 2017 - 6 months ago

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