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Genesis+ Demonic Descent (AB+ ONLY!!)
70+ Items, 30+ Enemies, New Floor & More!
Created 2 years ago

The Binding of Isaac Genesis +: Demonic Descent
is the first of many large content patches for TBOI.

- Fixed Trapdoor Bug
- Fixed Shot Speed Bug
- Fixed Music not playing in Catacombs & Septic
- Fixed Myote

This update will
- Include 3 new characters, and Improved graphics for the 2 current characters and numerous items,enemies, and pickups added from the mod.
- Aswell as one of our brand new alt chapters with a boss and a new special room.
- 65+ new items! 25+ trinkets and over 30+ New enemies.
- 33 New Challenges
- 12 New Pills
- 2 New Runes
- 14 New Cards
- New Satanic Ritual Room
- A brand new (Not Replacing) Septic Floor with Unique Enemies, mechanics and more.
- Alot of New Achievements
& Loads of more stuff!

We wanna thank:
Alphabirth - for using their Achievement and Giantbook Animation code, so thank you for that.
Sentinel - For making the floor possible.
Ashkal - For creating a awesome backdrop for our septic floor.
Edmund Mcmillen - For his amazing roguelike masterpiece

check our Wiki:

Listen to the full Soundtrack of BroskiPlays on:

Check out our Community Discord:

And thanks to you for giving suggestions and advice to make this mod as best as it can be.

WARNING: We are not approving anyone of stealing/copying our code without credits, if you want to use our code then please give credit to Team Genesis thank you.


x 88

- Fixed some more bugs with challenges, septic 2 boss room door not opening and more


- Fixed eternal candles effect continueing after player leaves the room

- Fixed fires despawning when player doesnt have ring of fire item

- Fixed treasure rooms outside of septic spawning double items

- Fixed dad's key not opening septic

- Fixed soymilk not having high fire rate

- Fixed golden key not working for septic door

- Fixed bug with armor of ares constantly opening and closing the challenge room door

- Fixed double dips spawning more double dips(spawning more double dips(spawning more double dips(spawning more double dips)))

- Fixed hanging spiders being 'shootable' while they're still hiding (aside from sometimes being able to kill them they'd get in the way of shooting at other enemies)

- Set up github repository!

- (NatoPotato)

- Fixed Tech G Costume between rooms.

- Added costumes for Hellbeam, Ponger

- Fixed barnael's resur hearts and necro hearts spawn bug

- Fixed drawn pickups not changing into ink

- changed the ink price for the pickups for balancing

- Removed xaphan's active item restriction

- Removed active devil items from lucifer's devil pool

- added our devil items to his pool

- Removed lucifer's restriction to devil deals

- Fixed Caves Bosses not spawning

- Caves 2 will go to septic 2 now from the trapdoor

- Fixed the serpent key bug

- Added a little extra to make septic a bit more unique

- Fixed the bug delay in the rooms.

- and more that i forgot

- Fixed Septic Key not spawning

- Fixed Globin Goo

- Fixed Evil Options

- Fixed Cute Bombs

- Fixed Septic 2 infinite loop

- Added Costume for Poison Ray

- Removed the I and II for the name (will be fixed)

- ( Broski )

Does this work with Binding of Isaac : God Mode?
It is realy difficult to play in the catacombs because every obstacle are black !
I have the same problem. Sucks too because I love the mod otherwise. If / when this gets fixed I would love to reinstall the mod again.
You can fix it, open up the mod and go to the "gfx" section in "content" (it could also be in resources). Go in and delete every floor texture that isn't related to the septic floor.
can you do a rebirth version? pls
Small bug, In the catacombs, every wall and obstacle appears completely black , and it only happens there. The rest of the floors are fine.
for some reason the characters don't appear on the select screen and the items don't seem to be appearing, however the title screen has changed, plz help
Is this afterbirth+, afterbirth or rebirth? As for some reason afterbirth+ doesn't seem to work for me so I'm kinda stuck with afterbirth and well, I'm pretty bloody interested in trying this x3
Can i play this with other modpacks?
cool, but none of the items work and the drawn is too bugged
is this AB or AB+ cause i only have AB...
you automatically get ab+ if you have regular ab
cool , but the wiki is not complete
what does the read me say I cant open it
i dont get it, the wiki says that there many new bosses, but the sprites show only one, what happened with the others
This mod is can be used for original Afterbirth
Cous Afterbirth+ is not working for me...
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.