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Telltale Heart
One last chance...
Created 2 years ago
Adds one item to the game: The Telltale Heart!

When you pick up this item you will be revived upon death with the health of The Lost, meaning you will die in one hit and get free devil deals!
This revival happens after all other extra lives with the exception of Missing Poster and Guppy's Collar.
If you find another revive item and die after being revived by the Telltale Heart, your health will return to normal (and you'll have to pay for devil deals again)

It also gives you +1 luck and a soul heart when you pick it up :P

As a bonus this mod also gives The Lost visible health.

Steam workshop page!


x 15

- Made tear color work even better

- You can now see how many lives the lost has left

- Stuff works better when the item gets removed or rerolled

- The costume now works with Azazel, Lilith, Apollyon and better with other items

- The Losts health now changes with holy mantle

- Fixed some issues with tear color

June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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