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The Drawn - Draw Pickups and more!
Char that finds ink instead of pickups, and draws them with it
Created 2 years ago

The Drawn is one of Isaac's drawings, that in his imagination has came to life in the Basement.
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The Drawn cannot find normal consumables (hearts, key, bombs, coins); instead, he will find Ink Drops, with their size depending on the original consumable. They will fill up his ink jar.

With the ink, you can draw (E or Bomb button) consumables, turrets, and Stomps; you can choose which one with CTRL or the Drop button.

Turrets will shot your tears at a reduced firerate at nearby enemies, while standing still.
Stomps act as a Mom's Foot, so they will smash nearby enemies.

When drawing hearts, you have a 25% chance affected by Luck for them to be a special (soul, black, etc) heart, and the same for coins with a 20% chance of them being nickels/dimes.


Filloax: coding
Langui and D3monPixel: spriting

This mod will be included in the Demonic Descent update of Genesis+, with added achievements.


x 52

- Stuff no longer gets rendered over boss intro

- Fixed a turret bug

- FIxed Better Bombs compatibility

- Make Stomps cheaper

- Lowered some costs, so that you have more variety in spawning pickups.

This mod is unbelievable great job my guy
it doesn't work for me... I have no Inkbottle if something drops its regular
I have afterbirth+ and whenever I start the character it doesn't have the item and he also receives normal drops, no ink drops. Do you know why this could happen?
Nooooo.... This is only for Afterbirts+!!
i've seen videos about this character and it is awesome. do you mind making this character for afterbirth.
This character will be featured in the Demonic Descent update for Genesis+ coming 30th april
the drawn still gets pickups for me and cant draw. what do i do
Woah,this mod is so creative,keep it up.
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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