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The Traitor - Over 53 Custom Familiars!
Created 2 years ago
The Traitor is a brand new character that changes items in helpful familiars, it cant shoot tears!

He starts with a random custom familiar!

I hope you enjoy New Devil Deal Familiars coming in the next big update

Custom Familiar List (will be updated as more get added!)

There are a total of 53 new familiars added for this character these include:

- Breakfasty - Familiar Variant of Breakfast
- Desserty - Familiar Variant of Dessert
- Dinnery - Familiar Variant of Dinner
- Lil Boom - Familiar Variant of Mr. Boom
- Lil Bible - Familiar Variant of The Bible
- Lil Belial - Familiar Variant of Book of Belial
- Lil Cookbook - Familiar Variant of Anarchy Cookbook
- Lil Dollar - Familiar Variant of Dollar
- Lil Dummy - Familiar Variant of Telepathy for Dummies
- Lil Epic Fetus - Familiar Variant of Epic Fetus
- Lil Godhead - Familiar Variant of Godhead
- Lil Jumpman - Familiar Variant of How to Jump
- Lil Fetus - Familiar Variant of Dr. Fetus
- Lil Poly - Familiar Variant of Polyphemus
- Lil Manual - Familiar Variant of Monster Manual
- Lil Marky - Familiar Variant of Marked
- Lil Necro - Familiar Variant of Necronomicon
- Lil Sacred - Familiar Variant of Sacred Heart
- Lil Satanic Bible - Familiar Variant of Satanic Bible
- Lil Secret - Familiar Variant of Book of Secrets
- Lil Skelly Key - Familiar Variant of Skeleton Key
- Lil Tarot - Familiar Variant of Deck of Cards
- Lil Rainbow Dollar - Familiar Variant of 3 Dollar Bill
- Lil Revelation - Familiar Variant of Book of Revelations
- Lil Whore - Familiar Variant of Whore of Babylon
- Little Cricket - Familiar Variant of Cricket's Head
- Little Chocolate Milk - Familiar Variant of Chocolate Milk
- Little Cupid - Familiar Variant of Cupids Arrow
- Little Heart - Familiar Variant of <3
- Little Ipecac - Familiar Variant of Ipecac
- Little Eye - Familiar Variant of The Inner Eye
- Little Liver - Familiar Variant of Raw Liver
- Little Marytr - Familiar Variant of Blood of the Marytr
- Little Mutant Spider - Familiar Variant of Mutant Spider
- Little Number One - Familiar Variant of Number One
- Little Mushy - Familiar Variant of Magic Mushroom
- Little Poison - Familiar Variant of The Virus
- Little Soy Milk - Familiar Variant of Soy Milk
- Little Skatole - Familiar Variant of Skatole
- Little Woody - Familiar Variant of Wooden Spoon
- Mirror - Familiar Variant of My Reflection
- Mommy's Eye - Familiar Variant of Mom's Eye
- Mommy's Knife - Familiar Variant of Mom's Knife
- Mommy's Underwear - Familiar Variant of Mom's Underwear
- Sad Onion Familiar - Familiar Variant of Sad Onion
- Spoon - Familiar Variant of Spoon Bender
- Rotten Meaty - Familiar Variant of Rotten Meat

These existing familiars appear when you have the following item:
- Brimstone - Lil' Brim
- Technology - Robobaby
- Technology 2 - Robobaby 2

I just suggest you to try them out to find out what they do, I don't wanna spoil the fun stuff ;)

All these familiars have a specific tear effect that fits with their item effect
For example Little Soy Milk gives you very fast low damage tears
while Little Chocolate Milk grants you big brown slow tears just like you expect from chocolate milk.

Each familiar is a original from the ground up or improved design from the sprite itself.
In order to get the familiar, you need to hold the item while entering a room with enemies
You start of with a inncubus because of the blindfolded thing.


Q: Why should i play with The Traitor instead of Lilith?
A: Well The Traitor has the unique ability to change items in familiars, so that makes all items useable even when you can't shoot tears + each item has a unique ability or attack that can extend or make a item alot better than it's normal passive/active counterpart.

Q: Okay, but you say all items, are you really gonna do all 511 items?
A: Yes, i am going to make a familiar for each single item in the game with a exception with active items that gain you a familiar or items that give stuff like flight or something that can be obtained with blindfolded characters.

Q: But items like bob's brain will still be shit right?
A: Actually no, i am going to also improve some familiars that are bad in the game, like i am gonna make a new bob's brain familiar that actually can't hurt you. So that the game gets more fun aswell.

Q: What is the max amount of familiars you can get of the same one?
A: I wanted to just do one because if you keep get new ones per cleared floor, your fps can actually drop quite low and maybe even crash the game..

Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods like Genesis+ and Alphabirth?
A: Yes it is, and the cool thing is that you can spawn these familiars for any character in the debug menu, but they won't appear when you aren't The Traitor though.

Q: Are you going to make all familiar synergizable?
A: Yes, after i implemented every single item, i am gonna make them synergizing with each single one.

Q: I am a spriter/coder can i help out with the familiars or send my idea's for existing ones?
A: Yes, you can always add me on Steam or talk to me on discord if you have any new idea's for familiars.

Q: When is the next update?
A: Soon, i am busy adding another 25 new familiars and i will keep you updated on that.

Q: Are all familiars gonna be unique?
A: No not really, i've also added existing familiars that fit within a item's effect. It's only for items that don't have a similiar familiar for it.

I hope you all have fun with the character, and i will keep you updated!

- BroskiPlays


x 15


- Added 15 new familiars to the pool these are:

- Lil Revelation, Lil Bible, Lil Belial, Lil Necro, Lil Cookbook, Lil Sin, Lil Manual, Lil Secret, Lil Dummy, Lil Satanic Bible, Lil Rainbow Dollar, Lil Marky, Lil Jumpman, Mommy's Eye and Lil Whore.

- It turned out i didn't fixed the 2 familiar bug but now it's fixed

- Fixed sprite issues regarding directions and bugs

- Gave Sad Onion onion tears instead of normal tears

- Mommy's knife now shoots knives

- Tearflags are fixed

- Lil Godhead is fixed

- All books can shoot instead of lil revelation but this will be fixed

- Fixed active items not spawning familiars after reset

- Fixed Passive Items not spawning familiars after reset

- More optimalizations and performance fixes.

- Fixed bugs that causes the incubus to dissapear when shooting

- Incubus no longer stays when you have a item with a familiar attached to it

- Got rid of milk creep on breakfasty and implemented mommy's knife.

- I hope you enjoy :D New Devil Deal Familiars coming in the next update :D

lil WHORE is a weird name maybe change it to lil bablonian or something like that
I'm not sure, but I think it's AB+. Can anyone confirm this?
Can confirm it's AB+, as the QnA mentions an AB+ mod
It is only AB+ because of LUA coding.
ahhhh. ok. Still a really cool mod
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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