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Happy Items Pack
Quality pack
Created 1 year ago

This cool mod adds:

  • 4 exciting items
  • 1 scary familiar
  • 3 amusing trinkets
  • 1 new type of chest

How to install

1)You need to own Afterbirth+ :|
2)Unzip the .zip
3)Drop the happy_pack folder to "C:/Users/~YOURUSER~/Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods"

OR subscribe to our mod from our steam workshop page


Video showcasing some of the items


ep - all the amazing coding
HappyHead - design, art


x 26

- Bug fixes and balance changes

June 5, 2018 - 21 days ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.