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700,000 Items
Randomly generated items
Created 2 years ago
Do you like The Binding of Isaac? Are you bored of the currently existing items and wish there were more of them? Like, a lot more?
Maybe even 700,000* more?

Well, then this mod is for you!


  • 2,000 randomly generated items
  • 30 randomly generated pill effects
  • 100 randomly generated trinkets
  • random item sprites
  • random item stats
  • random item effects
  • random item names
  • random item descriptions
  • random familiars

You need Afterbirth+ to play this mod. To install, simply download the mod and place it into the mod folder. If you aren't sure where it is, you can just install it from the Steam Workshop.

Don't worry if starting the game or run takes too long, that's normal. Mod too big for he got dang game.

The name "700,000 Items" is a reference to Jerma's video on the game 700,000 Games. The mod itself kinda plays on those weird bootleg games that advertise a bunch of games, but end up only having like 192.

*there is not actually 700,000 items. Not that it would be impossible, but it makes the game horribly slow to start and would take a lot of time to actually generate this many items. The game is already pretty strained at 2,000 items. For reference, the base game has 504 items.

Do you want to generate your own fresher, larger set of items, or want to contribute? Check out the Git Repository! Just follow the instructions in the README.

How does this mod work? It's a Python script! Check out my writeup for more details.


x 64

- Added a potential familiar effect for when a familiar gets hit

- Passive items now add random costumes. The costumes themselves aren't randomly generated, they're just vanilla costumes. Still better than being naked Isaac though.

- Turns out that enemy damaged and enemy hurt effects were broken which resulted in a much more boring game. This has been fixed.

- A few internal changes that should make the mod itself easier to manage.

- A fix that fixes a specific case where this mod could conflict with another mod.

- Removed 'stipulations.' They were pretty dumb. basically, there's no more 'this effect only activates at full health' and other such things.

- A few extra tweaks to balance some stuff.

i re-rolled a ball of bandages and got a...
Electric Bum Battery.
I Love it
О, квака снизу меня
(почти снизу)
it works at afterbirth not+?
guys i have been trying to do the files and transfering it doesnt work pls help
i put the content, resources and all that to the folder and i cannot see them in the items in the item collection PLEASE HELP
No modded items appear in the item collection.
The AB+ modding API doesn't support item tracker icons, sorry about that
That is one way too crazy mod, and also a very creative one!
Though there's something I need to know: do the mixed items have mixed effects too?
An item's effects are completely random. There is a little correlation to the sprite and the item's effect, but chances are it won't have the same effect as the sprites it is composed of.
Well you shouldn't have mentioned that.
It doesn't work. I put it in the resources folder but when I play the game nothing changes. There are no new items. Am I doing it wrong?
Never mind, I was an idiot and didn't see the large "Afterbirth+" sign.
I actually love this mod, it's a shame the items don't give the effect of the items they're composed of.
The thing is, the items you obtain are 100% random. There would be no way to see if you had Undefined and Soy milk in an item. (even then, how would that work?)
помогите пожалуйста не могу не как установить ни одного мода.
Подскажите что делать ?
помогите пожалуйста не могу установить ни одного мода.
подскажите что делать
@MrStealyogirl Doubt it.
Also thanks to the author for uploading the mod here.
i Need Afterbirth ._. Is there gonna be a Version for Rebirth?
Lua modding is not supported in rebirth.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.