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Better Chest Rooms
Replaces double key chest rooms with an extra item room.
Created 3 years ago
What: The double key rooms will have item room layouts instead of the usual chest room

Why: Because I kept getting frustrated with all the trash double key rooms, the only thing that I wanted from the rooms was a five dice room.

When: 1/14/17




x 10
notice this mod does not have a seal of approval.
stupid mod creater thinking that you can get away with editing pictures instead of accually making a mod
You can't even spell "creator". Don't call people stupid if they can see/hear it.
sorry for saying idiot and stupid and i know i spelled creator wrong i was just typing fast.
but the first screenshot was just a mspaint copy and paste of deaths touch
Wait a minute its the second screenshot but you copy pasted the floor as well
he also copy and pasted the floor to cover up the poop.
Wow this was way more popular than I expected
wow, you're really good at paint (sarcasm)
sorry because i'm too strict sometimes
I didn't even notice at first lmao
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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