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Lighter Spiders
Spiders that aren't as hard to notice in dark backgrounds.
Created 10 months ago
A little issue i've had with BOI is the fact that spiders can tend to blend in with dark backgrounds and confuse me to bits. So, it led me to creating a Big spider and Normal spider (slight) recolor to make it less of a burden.

I didn't make it too derastic as I didn't wish to make it too easy to spot them.


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this mod is pretty simple at best, but it helps out so much good work!!!!
those damn tricky spiders... they always remind me of something even worse... actual spiders!!
You know, its such a simple idea,
That's good.
but what about...
I'm glad you guys are enjoying the mod!

A good amount of my Isaac-related deaths are 'death by spider' which is a pretty embarrassing feeling since they're some of the weakest in the game.
I'm planning on doing more graphics adjustments like this one, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Can somebody pinch me? A new graphics mod actually improving the Isaac experience? I must be dreaming.
January 20, 2017 - 9 months ago

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