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Misha has appeared in the basement!!!
Replaces the item pick-up sound with something more fitting.
Created 3 years ago
When ever you pick up an item, Misha says

I'm grabbing my phone


This mod was featured in a video:

(My YouTube channel is Da_Creeper_Boss)


x 9

- Made it have higher quality sound

it sounds like 'IM RUBBIND MY PHONE'
Thanks. I'm glad you came along, partner
oh... do this don't work for afterbirth?
it should, I don't know why it wouldn't
*Picks up Bob's brain* "I'm grabbing my phone"
it isnt working and i really want this mod too work what do i do
Since the isaac boss fight uses the item pickup noise as his attack sound, I think I would prefer going to Sheol with this mod.
Oh wow I had no idea it did that. That's funny.
was the whole "replaces ... with something more fitting" around before all of my mods? just curious.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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