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Big Skull Healthbar
Godmode-styled healthbar
Created 3 years ago
After making a fixed version of boss healthbar for The Binding of Isaac: Godmode mod I was inspired to make my own healthbar, with godmode skull placement.

At first I've just replaced the skull, but later got inspired by changes made to dark skulls in The Binding of Isaac: Godmode / Afterbirth Improved! mods and I've looked for fitting horns for it.

I hope you like it!


x 57

- Fixed asymmetrical shadows

- Added hornless version

Is it fine if i use this in a halloween mod pack?
Why is there different variations of the health bar? It would be cool the skull got more demonic the harder the boss or the deeper in the floors you were...
Yea, that would be really cool, but unfortunately I think that's not possible for now. At least not until Afterbirth+ comes out, and even then we don't know how advanced those modding tools are going to be.
This helped me understand the boss health bars a lot better (by looking at the sprite in the files), Now i understand how to remove the red tint in some parts of the bar
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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