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Minimalist Simple Hearts
Elegance Of Simplicity
Created 2 years ago
Changes your average hearts into smaller minimalistic hearts.

-Turns your normal hearts into smaller hearts

-Put the {gfx} into your {resources} folder

♑ Thanks for your time ♎

Mod Is Currently [(V.3.0)]

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-5 [✔]
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★100 [ ] <???


x 4

- Heart pickup has been updated too look like the hud

- Added BIGGER hearts

- that's it...

Thanks for this! Just gave you your 25th download, by the way ;)

in the second picture there is a rainbow D6
How long we can make this leader of comments?
I have the same icon XD. Awesome mod btw, <3
Thanks and yeah we do have the same icon
This was actually my very first mod but never ended up uploading it its just been sitting there in my Projects folder
cool mod but your short description says who needs shading when there still is shading?? what???
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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