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Lost and Isaac Dice Swap
Lost now starts with D6, Isaac starts with D4
Created 3 years ago
I always felt Isaac and The Lost had the wrong dice. Lost doesn't want to lose Holy Mantle and (if the theory is correct) Isaac frequently "changes" identity (ok he pretends to be someone else).

This mod switches the 2's unlockable dice.

  • Lost starts with D6
  • Isaac starts with D4
  • The character select screen shows this correctly


x 18
Why not make them both have the D6?
they're technically the same character.
How to make the lost easy.


How to prevent the game from being a cunt and giving you one of the best re-rolling abilities, second only to d100 and d6, when you already start with Holy mantle.
It's mod working with acievements? (sorry, if I wrote with mistakes, just I bad know English)
All mods work with achievments now, in the past they didn't but now they do.

Short version: Yes
This is how it should have been normaly XD
That's how I feel too, luckily we can mod small stuff like this pretty easily
It's impressive how simple it is to make this game a lot more enjoyable.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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