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Succubus & Incubus
Her Descendants
Created 3 years ago
New textures for your favorite familiars ;3


x 59


- Now you can swap them!!

- Better texts :D (Thanks to Lucarso :3)

Will you ever upload this to the Steam Workshop for Afterbirth+?
No, but i guess this also works too for Afterbirth+
Alright cool. Also why is your name Scolex? He is like the worst boss in the game.
Isn't for the boss, i'm just a parasite with a peculiar name :T
It looks pretty awesome. Sadly it's a .rar file and I have no idea how to fix that.
The textures are wonderful, but the text bothers me. First of all, in the title of this mod it should be "Her Descendants". Second, I think that Incubus could have "Son of Lilith" and the Succubus could have "Daughter of Lilith" as their subtitle text. Not trying to sound rude however, as I really like this mod!
Sorry about that, i don't mastered the english (not yet) so i use google translate and how you know this shit never works well but if you can help with the text, I will really appreciate that
Don't worry about it, I'm not expecting you to be really good at a language that isn't your first one! But yeah, you could take my previous suggestions and apply them to your mode if you'd like!
Hmmm, I like it, But I don't like the straight down the middle thing the incubus has going on, other than that... Nice! I'll probably go in and extend the hair myself ♥ but yiiisss
could you send me the sprite edit?
I- Uh, Sure? How would I go about doing that, exactly?
(Also, I don't think it's still there, after i rage quitted when the main sprite was just overlayed with red for some reason)
maybe through mediafire or dropbox?
I checked, I don't have them anymore... But, why is it you would like them? I could easily remake it.
Well, it's interesting to see how its your POV of a better hair style of my texture (Sorry for my potential bad english)
Hmmm, You just want to see it? I thought you wanted the files, hehe!
if you don't want to post the texture, it's fine, but maybe screenshot or something, i really want to see how you do it ;-;
if you don't want to send the files, could you please send me a screenshot instead?
I'd still have to re-create it, and that's what I'm dreading.
How do you want it? sprite sheet? In game?
LOL, pretty nice, why you don't you make mods?? this will be pretty cool!!
I don't make mods because
1 I don't have any ideas
2 I can't do any of the coding and scripting for the ideas that I do have.
Great mod, makes the Succubus and Incubus look a lot nicer
i do all right. i installed mod to "resources" but it crushed my game
you have the "packed" folder??
if you delete that folder the game always crash
i didn't know how to help you, sorry
try delete and install again the game, i guess that will work
Make sure you don't have any other mods conflicting with it
you did good son, you accomplished something -ur pop
boy my mod didn´t deserve that...
thanks anyway
Really noice, Found a new forever mod for me.
what?? REALLY?¡?¡ i could really have that merit??
p.s. my english are bad so...
Of course i downloaded it, m8.
These are really smooth textures... nice job!
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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