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Created 3 years ago
Here ya go.
What, you want a description?
Ok, ok.

This mod simply edits characters to make "challenges" out of each of them. The characters range from easy to ridiculously difficult. Most characters are very different, with the exception of The Lost, Eden, and Lilith. (If you have any ideas for Lilith let me know!)

ISAAC: Red Bomber
CAIN: Glass Assassin
JUDAS: Mama's Boy in a Fez
???/BLUE BABY: Oh, Poop.
EVE: Sucky Bomber
SAMSON: Murder in Black
AZAZEL: Dark Wiz
LAZARUS: Randomite
EDEN: NO! change
THE LOST: No change
LILITH: Hit your head, did ya?
GREED: More tears; a good thing?


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Technically you can, but the game can override your changes quite easily. However, I did place the NO! trinket on Eden.
So Keeper's a walking shotgun now. Great...
I feel like i keep seeing alot more of these New Character mods ever Since i did one. ._.
*shrugs* I don't know about that. I'll check out yours though.
This is really good mod add rebirth please
Mm I might. I'll have to see what I can do. Right now, it is only afterbirth compatible.
Could you add extra actual challenges?
Eh. If I wanted to. I might in the future, but these are specifically character mods.
As for lilith, maybe take away incubus and give her 3-4 other followers?
I was actually originally planning to do something like that, but as it turns out incubus is not an item that can be removed from lilith. So rip
The keeper looks like hell, I'll have to try it
I'd say it's not actually too bad. It's actually easier in some ways, yet still hard.
Thanks! Trying this mod personally, it can be very challenging with certain characters. Fun usually, however.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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