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Binding of Metroid
Changes sounds and graphics to be more Metroid like
Created 4 years ago
I uploaded this mod a while ago but I took it down as I didn't have any time to work on it. Now I'm working on it again.

It's my first mod and It still has ALOT work left on it.

Features so far.
-Samus as playable character.
-Metroid music in Main menu and many floors/Rooms.
-New treasure rooms
-Changed some bosses(Haunt,Duke of flies and LarryJR)
-Metroid based floors(Not all floors)

If you have any ideas for this mod it would be very appreciated if you post them in the comments.


x 74

- Changed most famillar sprites

- Changes most pickup items sprites

- fixed some bugs with invisible enemies and pills

- changed map questionmark

- improved cellar floor

- Added dark samus instead of magdalene

- _Healthup items are now energ tanks

- A bit improved main menu

я не могу скачать
Do you plan on making a huge update when Afterbirth+ comes out?
My childhood... TTVTT thank you!
Hello! would you be interested in helping me on my mod? i want you more then anybody else beacuse you have the skills to reskin charechters! i cant... would you like to help?
I have too much to do on my own mod right now. You'll have to ask someone else.
please when people make mods make it so mac user can use it
I'm on Mac, and I have no problems with it.
I can see... This mod has a bright future!
agreed now lets start brain storming some item ideas
You should make troll bombs be the lil purple ones, and make power bombs the homing troll bombs.
Thanks a lot for regularly updating your mod ! This makes the game so different without even altering the gameplay ! And I have a few suggestions:

why not change the bomb (and troll bomb) sprite to the small purple bomb of metroid, and the big troll bomb by power bombs?

And, maybe, replace the pony's active by Samus' speed boost?

And, maybe (I know that makes a lot of suggestion), replace eve with Zero Suit Samus and give her concussive tears, to make the stun gun's effect, and with a pet metroid.

But the most important : Please continue updating it!
The zero suit idea is actually really good.
If you want other characters, you could also replace Cain with Adam, and give him Doctor's Remote (or Teleport) and some passive item maybe.
Does it work with Afterbirth? (it should be a must for every mods out there)
Thanks for making such an awesome mod! I'm downloading the update now, and I can't wait to see what you've done.
Nice Mod! Metroid is my favourite game.
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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