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Useless Graphical changes
It wont help but its funny
Created 3 years ago

This mod isnt getting updated anymore

To make it simple:
Some things now look different!
Like it says, it wont help but its funny X,D
There isnt really a theme to anything...
Ill just change stuff untill i think it looks good
If you have any ideas please let me know them XD

Some things now look different:
Angel statues
Angel fights
Punching bag
An enemy
Question mark...

Texts changed too:
Dead cat
Punching bag

Things that are planed:
Some/All characters
Change the title screen even more
Some more items
Some more trinkets
Some Enemys
Some other things...

If you have suggestions, just tell them XD

How to mod:
1. Instal the mod
2. Unzip it
3. You will now have a mod folder. Put everything in the mod folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/
4. Have fun


x 7

- New changes:

- Changed hearts a bit

- Title screen a bit

- More monsters

- Pickups (exept pills)

- Satan fight and Devil deal statue

- New things changed!!!

- Another monster!

- Some slot machines!

- 3 Trinkets!

- 4 items!!!

- The title screen!!!!

- Black hearts are now blacker!

- Devil and Angel doors!!!

- The I am Error Guy thing.....

- And some other things :D


June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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