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What's that Item
Guess by the shape of an item what item it is
Created 3 years ago
This mod makes all items and trinkets black
You will have to guess what item/trinket it is by the shape
Also, all items/trinkets are named "???" and have no discription
This mod is Afterbirth only

Extract the file and put the content in the resources folder
You can find it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources"
If not, go to steam and right click on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and click Properties, go to Local Files and click Browse Local Files...

1. Did you look at the "How to Download" title
2. Do you have Rebirth? this mod is only for Afterbirth
3. Maybe another mod causes it

If it is still not working i don't know what the cause is

If you find a bug or have any ideas to make this mod even greater, put it in the comments

Video by Hutts Gaming Channel: link


x 26

- Trinkets don't have a discription, are named "???" and are black

- Fixed that some items still would show their name

- Bug fixes

Good question. You'll probably never know until it's too late.
This mod is awesome It definitely makes you think, and rage when you get soy milk thinking it's chocolate milk .
Hey! I found something that can test my TBOI knowledge.
At least MOST things are different shaped
I still don't know all the items... this will definitely hurt my runs... But awesome idea.
I really like this mod! It's a great way to test your Isaac skill!
I like it, Soy Milk and Chocolate Milk have the same sprite, so.
This mod so stupid and so funny!
Why are they all black???
Why not red?
Would taking items that change your characters appearance still make cosmetic changes? IE 20/20 would still give glasses to your character?
It would, but with the most cosmetic changes only pro players know what item it is
i wish curse of the blind was like this.
That would actually be really cool. I'd be fine with that
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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