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Japanese Title Screen in English Version
Well, it's the Japanese Title screen, but on the English version
Created 3 years ago
Currently only the Afterbirth titlescreen.


x 37

- Fixed spritesheet being in the wrong folder.

- Added instructions for anyone wondering how to install it.

Are You gonna update this mod to Afterbirth plus?
I very well could, I just need to re-unpack the new files and locate the title screen.
I gotta admit the Japanese logo looks a hell of a lot cooler/more refined that just blood splattered Afterbirth letters with blood wings because religious imagagery. That right there is something you would see in a Game Boy Advance game, and works better with Rebirth's GBA artstyle.
This is amazing. Now I can pretend I'm knowledgable in the japanese culture when I'm really not.
Now you can be the weeaboo you've always wanted to be!
I have problems with downloading. The folder is empty for me
If you download a portable version of 7-zip��, you will be able to extract the files as normal. My Windows��� zip file utility is also telling me the compressed folder is empty, but checking with 7-zip�� shows that is not the case.
Here is a link to the portable version of the program:
Click Here! :
Someone on a reddit thread requested it
good mod i like the jap title screen !
thx ! <3
that really looks like in the 3ds nintendo version of binding of isaac?
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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