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Perturbator Music Pack
Replaces music with tracks by Perturbator
Created 3 years ago
This mod replaces in-game music with modified tracks by the artist Perturbator, allowing them to loop seamlessly as if they were in-game to begin with.

Title Screen -------------------------- The New Black

Basement ----------------------------- X-Calibr8
Cellar -------------------------------- Shadow Force '84
Burning Basement ---------------------- Volcanic Machinery (Feat. Dynatron)
Caves -------------------------------- Future Club
Catacombs ---------------------------- Lilith
Flooded Caves ------------------------- Electric Dreams
Depths ------------------------------- Terror 404
Necropolis ---------------------------- The Darkest Alleys (Final Stage)
Dank Depths --------------------------- Ghost Dancers Slay Together
Womb /Utero* -------------------------- Eclipse
Scarred Womb -------------------------- I Am The Night
Cathedral ----------------------------- Nexus Six - Interlude
Sheol --------------------------------- The Price Of Failure
The Chest ----------------------------- Night Driving Avenger
Dark Room ----------------------------- Satanic Rites

Challenge Room ------------------------- Payback Pursuit
Devil Room ----------------------------- Nightmare Interlude
Angel Room ---------------------------- War Against Machines
Secret Room --------------------------- Girl In A Black Dress
Boss Fight ---------------------------- Perturbator's Theme
Boss Fight Alt ------------------------- Raining Steel
The Calm (Post-Boss) ------------------- Welcome Back
Store --------------------------------- Miami Nights
Library ------------------------------- Miami Nights ((intro bit))
Arcade -------------------------------- I Ran To The Arcade
Mom Fight ------------------------------ Retrogenesis
Mom's Heart Fight ----------------------- She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next
Hush Fight ----------------------------- Dangerous Days**
Isaac Fight ---------------------------- Dangerous Days**
Blue Baby Fight ------------------------- Dangerous Days**
Satan/Mega Satan Fight* ---------------- Humans Are Such Easy Prey
The Lamb Fight ------------------------- Raw Power
Ultra Greed Fight ----------------------- Complete Domination (Feat. Carpenter Brut)

* The Womb/Utero and Satan/Mega Satan use the same track. At least until AB+, this can't be changed.
** Dangerous Days is a 12-minute song, so for each instance of it I've used a different part.


x 44

- Fixed missing Ambush/Boss Rush music.

- Fixed original Basement layer playing over replaced music.

- Added enough tracks that this can be considered a complete release.

- Please report any problems!

- Added Readme and 8 more tracks

Can you update this to Afterbirth+ by any chance? I tried to replace the music files like 20 times now, but it's just not working. I even deleted all the originals, but it's still using them somehow, even though they're completely gone ._. (Amazing mod btw, always used it before, Pert is the best <3 )
I didnt know i needed this till i saw it. fits oddly well. Perturbator FTW!
I can tell 'I am the Night' was your favorite album well done! all the songs perfectly match the levels!
I love this mod. It is a welcome change to the game haha
The Challenge/Boss Rush Music dos't seem to play.
fixed, thanks for letting me know
Could you make a track list please?
it's up now, thanks for reminding me, i had been meaning to but forgot
Thanks breh. Perturbator is good.
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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