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New playable character!
Created 3 years ago

Koala replaces Isaac [Rebirth only!]

Starting items:

  • Coins: 5
  • Bombs: 1
  • Keys: 1

Spacebar item:
-Monster Manual

-Koala head

Tkank you for support!


x 22

- Changed Monster Manual to ,,Yum Leaf" :D

Okey, koala maybe something else?
Is this compatible with Afterbirt plus? Or can I install this by Steam?
Soon I will add "gum leaf" (working like "yum heart") Thanks to Jacko!
It's a mod that replaces Isaac character with Koala
I was gonna say the exact same thing Maxxy did actually. A koala?
Give it "the gum leaf" (same function as yum heart)
Otherwise, awesome mod
Thank you
I will add ,,The gum leaf,, in next update
make sure you are using rebirth, not afterbirth.
If it is still not working, make sure you placed the mod files in "resources" folder.
I hope it will help
hey, what tool did you used to make this?
I used gimp for changing textures and Isaac Character Editor for custom items
You should make this character better. Monster manual is a lot worse than D6, so it would only make the game harder
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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