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Melee Based Beast!
Created 3 years ago
Afterbirth only

Blessed with the sun sign Taurus ,The Minotaur fights with an axe and is Feared by any foe!

I shall continue work on the overhaul mod. I'm sorry for waiting so long. I've been working a lot and didn't want to work on anymore mods. BUT I SHALL VENTURE FORTH,AND ENDURE THE JOURNEY

Tools I used:
Issac Character Creator

Known Issues:
* Still shoots tears (the spear is a tear effect so i fixed this issue by adding fear shots so it doesn't feel like isaac with an axe)
* sprites for the axe (Spear) still need created (added in 1.1)
- sprite sheet for player needs corrected


x 25

- removed red eyed fear shot

- Updated axe sprite

- Added fear shots

Are You gonna update this with new mod support in Afterbirth plus?
Click the "WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT ?" or the Link below to try the poll
Poll for next character :

(Possible Lost Replacement?)
I always wanted a melee character (like the one in the guardian challenge)
If you like the mod try the poll we need more people for it to see what you guys want and what's next
you're going to need some tartar to kill him!

nostagic to the point where we have no idea what nostalgia is
Great idea! Should be an official character.
lol i dont know why but i laugh every time i kill somthing
I cant download this or any other mod, i have the binding of isaac rebirth and afterbirth, im using google crome i used firefox as well, what should i do
Checked your Steam profile and saw you don't own TBoI:Rebirth. You'll have to buy it on Steam to download mods from here or find another source for the mods you want.
i do own it i set everything to public, idk why its happening
You don't have it, stop asking stupid
I literally said; "You'll have to buy it on Steam to download mods from here"

Doesn't matter how you acquired the game - be it via a Humble Bundle, a torrent or some other way - you HAVE to buy it ON STEAM to download mods FROM HERE.

The menu select icon for the Minotaur is actually really cute, ehe...
Really cool mod there will be more (from an inside source)
you can just give him blindfold so he cant shoot
And then that gets rid of your spear (axe), which makes him entirely worthless...
Can't he use the same code of the guardian angel character, but strip him of Fate, Isaac's Heart and Punching Bag, then add taurus?
thx I'm gunna see if i can find the guardian's code,if i cant ill see what i do with his tears
Challenges are coded differently, so if I did use it ,it wouldn't function properly and will end up with same result.I'll leave the tears in but I'm going to change em up a bit
They added a new tag in players.xml for blindfold for a particular character forever, look at the code for Lilith.
Interesting idea, although I can only imagine how painful bosses like Hush or Mega Stan will be
June 5, 2018 - 1 month ago

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