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Simple Challenges Mod
Adds new challenges to the game
Created 3 years ago
Update: Wow. Seems like we just reached 109 downloads. That's very impressive for a small mod like this. Huge thanks to everyone!

Completed the game already? Global mods are not for you? Then you're in the right place.
In this mod I tried to make simple, yet hard and interesting challenges. That's basically it. You can find descriptions and screenshots by clicking the link below (just in case if you try to avoid spoilers and trust me )

Note: Some challenges use afterbirth items, so having the dlc is required to play


x 34

- One new challenge is added

- More challenges may be added in the future (or not)

- Easy mode is removed (challenges aren't that hard anyway)

- One new challenge is added

- All challenges now have custom names in the main menu!

- Some challenges were renamed so they would fit into the menu

- Another challenge that I completely forgot about is added

- Upd: - Fixed description for the new challenge (imgur link)

- Two new challenges are waiting for you!

- New daily run inspired challenge is added

- You start with 0.5 damage down in the challenge 4 (Necromancer). You still get +0.5 total dmg up from items

- You start on Hard difficulty in all challenges. Easy mod is not changed

- Fifth challenge is added

- Challenges 4 and 5 are swapped. Don't ask why

- Easy mode is added (sets the difficulty of all new challenges to normal)

- Fifth challenge is added

- Challenges 4 and 5 are swapped. Don't ask why

Great mod, and great idea. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy the creativity of the challenges.
On the imgur link under the ``Double L'' image, you have the difficulty labeled as ``Head'' instead of ``Hard''. Just trying to give back ;3.
Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm short on time right now and out of ideas. I may add some challenges if I'll find a good item combo, but this isn't likely at this point
I appreciate what you have already shared. You have offered everyone bonus content, so bonus bonus content not on the schedule is completely fine.
I disagree that you won't find a good item combination, though.
Being a rather terrible player, I found that this mod provides enough doable challenges to keep me entertained for a while! Keep up the great work!
It's a nice thing to do whenever you're bored
Go to easy or normal folder and then extract as it's described here:
Remember, that you need to unlock something to play most of the challenges (items, stages, etc)
A lot of these challenges are way to easy. Could you add more difficult challenges?
idk. I still need to complete some of them myself
How to install this?

PS: Thx for information of install
Go to easy or normal folder and then extract as it's described here:
I got ,,easy'' and ,,normal'' folder's resocures and isn't work this mod.
You need to unlock something to play most of the challenges. Check that imgur link in the description
Wow so good mod i hope you will update it more often so i can play even more
Thanks. I am going to add more challenges when I'll find new interesting item combos.
great mod some challenge that are in the game already is boring so you won't play them so new challenges is always welcome in my game ^_^
Great mod :P
Really enjoying it right now!
first one is very challenging. nice work ;)
Thanks. All of them are quite hard in fact. I am thinking about releasing casual version which sets the difficulty of all challenges to normal.
i got them all first try. except the first one. there i needed 2 tries and a little luck
You're a true pro then. It took me 4 tries to beat abaddon challenge actually. I'll keep easy mod just in case. And it's called easy for a reason.
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

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