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Head of Gaben
The TRUE Keeper's Head
Created 3 years ago
A small preview for a HUGE project that shall be known as The Binding of Isaac: Afterpainted.

NOTE: Does not change the appearance of the item on your character. It only changes the item's icon. But this doesn't mean I won't change that. ,'

Inspiration from these lovely lads!


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tom clancys half life 3 battle royale confirmed
i just looked at the cover for this mod, and now my head consists of some strange crossbreed between the child of a cringe and a blank face, with the incarnation of a s***-eating grin.

would decapitate ultra greed for again
It's Half Life 3: Episode 3: Part 3: Chapter 3.
9001/1337 IGN i have no i idea why i am writing this but hey its OVER 9000
you should make the coin tears dollar bills
looks nice, any chance you could change the coins into steam sales? like the 99% off ones?
Seconded. That'd be sweet, although it'd intefere with other coin projectiles.
June 5, 2018 - 7 months ago

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