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The Alternate Isaac
The alternative dimension is waiting
Created 7 years ago
This is my first mod so don't be too harsh. This is the Alternate Isaac mod where some characters and challenges are changed a bit.

Revamped Characters

Isaac as The Angel

Maggy as The Dreamer

Cain as Jeffry

Judas as Red baby

Azazel as Lucifer

Lazarus as Tim

New challenges

Challenge 1 Cain's fortune. You embark on an adventure for Cain's fortune.

Challenge 2 Is about your day at the daycare.

Challenge 3 is about Satan's test


x 16

- Lilith as Cthulhu with the Abaddon item and 10 full Evil/dark hearts (easy mode)

- The Keeper as TOAD with 1UP item

It would be lovely to see this mod added to Afterbirth plus
a little bit more info would be nice, such as what the character's start with, and what the challenges items are and to where.
it doesnt work on after birth!!!
Yes. The next update will be for afterbirth characters.

which means this mod doesn't work on ab?
No it still works it just that it doesn't change anything from afterbirth but it changes stuff in rebirth
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!