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Alters beginning items for more...Fun runs
Created 5 years ago
Face it after a long while Isaac starts to get boring, so I've altered the starting items and here they are.

Isaac- Issac gets Tech X, Spoon bender, some damage up, the cancer trinket, and the boss warp card.
Why? Well I've found that tech X is just a fun item and combined with homing makes the run playable.
Magdalene- Magdalene gets Eve's Mascara, Halo of Flies, the jar, and Maggy's faith trinket.
Why? Well Magdalene always need a bit of damage and the jar/ halo of flies/ faith trinket covers the health aspect of it.
Cain- Cain gets Lucky Foot, Blood Clot, 20/20, Portable slot machine, 10 coins and the lock pick.
Why? Well Cain is supposed to be lucky right? And since supposedly he only fires from the left eye, blood clot and 20/20 fit right?
Judas- Judas gets Cricket's Head, Polyphemus, Magic Mushroom, Book of Belial, and Judas's Tongue.
Why? One word DAMAGE!
Blue Baby- Blue baby gets the halo, 1 red heart, Pandora's box, Petrified poop, and the card against humanity,
Why? Just because.
Eve- Eve gets Dead Bird, Whore of Babylon, Magic Mushroom, The razor, Curved horn, and the death card.
Why? It all just fir, added some extra damage.
Samson- Samson gets Bloody Lust, Trinity Shield, Cancer, and scissors.
Samson always gets left out so I thought I would make him more important.
Azazel- Azazel gets Brimstone, The Ludovico Technique, Cricket's Head, Demon Tail, and 1 red heart.
Why? Because epicness.
Lazarus- Lazarus gets guppy and suicide king.
Why? I Could find anything that fit him.
The Lost- The lost gets Holy Mantle, Trinity Shield, Halo of Flies, Missing Poster, and the stars card.
Why? Making the lost a little bit more playable.( Btw the missing poster revives the lost.
Lilith- Lilith gets The Battery, BFFS!, AAA battery, and the strength card.
Why? Makes Lilith a little more playable.
Keeper- The Keeper gets A Dollar, Cricket's Head, Cricket's Body, and the Double money card.
Why? Rich AND Playable.
----------How to install----------
First, open the .rar file, and drag the player.xml file inside in the resource folder of you The binding of isaac rebirth folder.
This folder is found here:

Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/

Mac:~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/the binding of isaac/The Binding Of

Have any suggestions leave em in the down there.


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Does this work for afterbirth+
I couldn't get it to work
consider taking the standard hp, damage, and tear up items out (i.e. cricket's head and magic mushroom) and instead put in some items that really fit the character and make them unique (i.e. tech X, brimstone, mom's knife, soy milk, epic fetus, dr fetus, etc).
Could I maybe make a suggestion? For the Keeper, maybe replace the Dollar with Money=Power? I just think that it may work better, as it gives additional use to the Wooden Nickel and gives some strategy for the players so they need to decide whether to pick up a coin right away for some damage or save it for emergency health.
or y'know...keep the dollar and add money=power? xD keeper shall be OP xD
this has been done a lot but whanever
That may be but nobody has this exact setup so you can have a better fun time.
"Face it after a long while Isaac starts to get boring"

I think that the most interesting part of the game, where you still have make good use of your bombs and your item build and not just destroy everything with your OP build you get later anyway.

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