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The Tweaking of Isaac
Tweaks here and there to make gameplay better!
Created 6 years ago


-Haunted is gone from The Cellar, he is stronger now, BUT ONLY APPEARS IN THE CATACOMBS! HURRAH!
-Blastocyst is stronger and now appears in The Depths instead of The Womb.
-Blighted Ovum is tougher and now appears in The Catacombs.
-Triachnid is stronger and appears in The Depths instead of Utero.
-The Cage moved to Necropolis, to make more sense thematically.
-Peep moved to Caves, to make more sense thematically.

-The following bosses are a little bit stronger: Daddy Long Legs, Lokii, Pin, Husk, Widow, Wretched, Hollow, Gemini and Mr.Fred ( He now has a normal sized room, so STOP RUINING MY MEAT BOY!)

-The following Double Trouble fights are a little bit harder (Room changed): Husk, Hollow, Gemini, Duke, Pin and Wretched.

-Double Trouble Loki changed to Double Trouble Blastocyst ( Why even make DT Loki when there's Lokii?)
-Double Trouble Wretched room changed so now they won't faceroll into the skulls and get stuck.
-Conquest frequency is now lower, why the heck when there are so many bosses, he appears everytime!?


-The following items are now SPECIAL: A Dollar, Skeleton Key, Pyro, X-Ray, Ipecac, $$$=Power, 20/20, Death's Touch, Holy Mantle, The Mind, The Body and The Soul.

-The following items got their cooldown lowered: Necronomicon(6-4), Bible(6-4), Pony(6-2), White Pony(6-2), Scissors(6-2), Crack The Sky(4-2), Dead Sea Scrolls(4-2), Mom's Bra and Pad(3-2), ShoopDaWhoop(2-1), Lemon Mishap(2-1), Box of Spiders(2-1), Butter Bean charges faster, The Boomerang charges faster.

-The following items have a longer cooldown (Nerfed): The Blue and Red Candle take longer to charge, D100(6-Infinite, making the D100 one time use, but you can recharge it with a lil'battery), D4(6-12), Dad's Key(2-4), The Jar(0-2), Converter(0-3).

-The Virus gives a heart container.
-Isaac's Heart gives an empty heart container.
-Cursed Eye gives a soul heart.
-Soy Milk no longer special.
-Little Brimstone only costs 1 Heart container and is no longer special.
-Lord of the Pit only costs 1 Heart container.

-Item Pools-

-1Up!, Trascendence and Steam Sale added to the Treasure Room pool.

-Luck Foot, Spelunker Hat and Magneto added to the Shop pool.

-SMB Fan added to the Boss Room pool.

-Ouija Board and Lil'Haunt added to Devil Room pool (Both cost 1 Heart).

-Blood of the Martyr and Stigmata added to Angel Room pool.

-Common Cold, Ouija Board, Dead Bird, Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Sacrificial Knife, Guppy's Hairball, Black Lotus, Dark Matter and Missing Page 2 added to Curse Room pool.

-The Sad Onion, The Inner Eye, Spoon Bender, Spelunker Hat, Mom's Purse, Polyphemus, Daddy Long Legs, Iron Bar, Hive Mind and There's Options added to Secret Room pool.

-Monster Manuel added to Library pool.

-Steven and Gimpy added to Golden Chest pool.

-There's Options added to Beggar pool.

-Common Cold, Ouija Board and Cat-O-Nine-Tails added to Demon Beggar pool.

-Forever Alone and Hive Mind added to Key Beggar pool.

I don't really think screenshots are needed, but if you guys want them tell me and i'll get into it.

Coming Soon:
-Anything that i find that i see i can tweak.
-Any suggestions you guys have.

Install Instructions:
Drop it into your resources folder, easy as that


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"Conquest frequency is now lower, why the heck when there are so many bosses, he appears everytime!?"

what... ive only ever seen him once, maybe like...twice...
Double Chaos mod compatibility please?
Crashes randomly when starting a new game.
I agree with most of these changes, but I feel like some of the now special items could be given normal status again. Specifically, $$$ = power, X-ray, the 99 X items, and the Godhead trio items, since they don't exactly win a run / make combos with other special items. I also feel the Jar and the Converter shouldn't have room-based cooldown time.
with changes like these its hard to please everyone and thats for the better.
awesome changes so far in my opinion though.
Yo tambien hablo español, no entendi bien que pusiste asi que, podrias ponerlo en español porfavor?
Hey, Is it necessary to install rooms for bosses switch places? i'm speak spanish sorry haha
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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