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Removes fog, clouds, etc!
Created 6 years ago
Now supports The Binding of Isaac: Repentance!

In the expansions of the game, some floors introduced new fog/cloud effects, such as the smoke in the Burning Basement or the blue color of the Flooded Caves. While this adds a great atmosphere to the game, I feel like some users would like to have these overlay effects disabled to see objects better or to see the pixel art in its maximum clarity.


PROTIP: For maximum visibility, use in pair with the No More Shading mod by daoo21:


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- Now supports The Binding of Isaac: Repentance!

- Now removes fog effects from the new floors (except Corpse). This is especially evident in Ashpit.

- Attempted a fix for black rooms on some computers.

- Added files to remove poop clouds and the Dark Room background, if that's your thing.

It doesn't remove the fog for me.
The mod is in the correct directory but its not working
thank you! Finally it don't lag on flooded caves!
Thank you! I can now run Isaac without a single frame drop. (Atleast if its not a super crazy run o.o)
I'm confused i didnt have the gfx and the backdrop so i just made new folders for them and its still laggy
could yo make a version to remove all fog and dust please! my computer has trouble rendering it all.
Which dust and fog? The recent version I made did the best to remove as much fog effects as possible. I can make another version that also removes the overlays used.
thats what i meant. sorry about that
No problem! Sorry for the slow reply; I'll get to it probably this coming weekend!
yes thank you! my computer might actually be able to run normally in the womb and depths without lagging horribly!
Yeah, I deleted my mod. Didn't really meet the standards for me. I think Nooverlays mod was better in that description than mine. Sorry for the issues.
This helps me so much to record, thank you so much
Purely cool! You can now appreciate the REAL textures!
Wow the game looks so much prettier.. thanks for this
I can not install the mod, place the Fogless V1.1 folder inside "resoures" but the fog does not disappear
It seems like I bungled up the files inside the zip file and didn't give them a correct file path! Sorry 'bout that.

Put the files in this specific path:

/Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/gfx/backdrop
Thanks!!, now works perfectly !!, great job
Hm, it doesn't seem to be applying for me. I'm not getting any graphical glitches or anything, but all the fog is still present. I unzipped everything into the gfx folder and I've even tried copying them to some other folders but still no dice.
Huh. I'll look into it tomorrow.
It seems like I bungled up the files inside the zip file and didn't give them a correct file path! Sorry 'bout that.

Put the files in this specific path:

/Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/gfx/backdrop
Thank you! I was thinking "man there has to be more to this..." but I didn't know exactly where to put them, haha.
Thanks for this. I hate the fog in this game.
No problem, it makes the game fairly hard to see imo. :[
Hi Dan, thanks for the good work. However, when I install the mod, my game background becomes entirely black. Is it a bug?
That's super odd, can you send over a screencap? Also, tell me your system specs (you can get them with a program like Speccy) and alsp try updating your graphics drivers.
I updated my GPU driver (GTX 660) and still get the same screen when a enters a room with fog or cloud. OS is Windows 10.
Following are two screen shots:
So it only happens when you have the mod installed and in the rooms where it applies? In that case, I might have a fix in mind but I'd have to wait till Modding of Isaac is fixed. I'll attempt a fix when MoI is fixed itself.

Sorry you're having issues bud!
Yes, it only happens when I enter a room where the effect applies.

No problem, I just have to uninstall the mod for now. Thanks for the response.
Okay, I uploaded a new version. See if it fixed it.
Thank you very much Dan. It's working like a charm now.
No problem! It must have been the way I saved it. I used when exporting the null fog graphics, but when making my Xbox360 buttons mod, I found out that the way PDN saves PNG files doesn't work the nicest with Rebirth. So I used Photoshop instead. :P
Never realized how good this game looks.
I feel like the game becomes a lot sharper and crisper without the overlay effects. When you get the chance, take a gander at the PS Vita or 3DS versions, they especially look gorgeous and sharp. Especially the Cathedral on the 3DS version.
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.