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Keeper Changes
Choose your own Keeper Items!
Created 7 years ago
This mod contains 6 different .XML files. The filename of each tells you what items the secret character Keeper starts with with that mod installed. Rename your choice to "players.xml" and put it in the resources directory. This mod has 6 choices: (all of them remove the Lost's D4 for reasons unknown)
-Keeper Has D4
-Keeper Has The Quarter + D4
-Keeper Has Money=Power
-Keeper Has Money=Power + D4
-Keeper Has The Quarter
-Keeper Has Head Of The Keeper
Have fun!

If any of you people have ideas for other Keeper starting items, please tell me! I'd be happy to add them!

EDIT: this current computer can't upload screenies, give me a bit to add them


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- Turns Out I used the wrong file. Fixed that. We need a Isaac Facepalm emoticon.

This mod contains:
Makes playing as the keeper a lot easier!
Хороший мод
Start with Noose, Head of the Keeper & Money = Power please
And I don't know why, but I HATE the Head of the Keeper item. The animation is simply unsatisfying. I don't know why I added that fact.
Damn this mod is friggin' over-powered! It's cool!
Glass Cannon would be a fun starting item. Definitely on the OP side, but you're also constantly one hit away from death so there is at least some risk involved.
How about Keeper starts with noose, head of the keeper, mom's purse, and swallowed penny?
Steam Sale and Restock; it encourages full use of his store key and whatnot, kind of like a shop-focused playstyle.
Hive Mind; a less obvious one, and more of a bonus than anything; this will make all hearts more useful as the flies spawned from them do more damage.
Car Battery; you have a 25% chance of nothing, a 50% chance of 1 penny, and a 25% chance of 2 pennies. It may seem a bit OP, but it might be something to take note of.
Combine Steam Sale and Restock with Money=Power and you have yourself a risk-reward playstyle of damage vs more items and pickups.
The Lost has the D4, so a D4-Keeper seems redundant.
The Quarter seems like an OP item with Money=Power and Steam Sale; it would give him starting damage rivaling Azazel's and a strong start with shops. I kinda want to keep those separate.
Head of the Keeper seems OP to me; you already have Wooden Nickel with its chance to give you money.
If you had 2 Steam Sales, that would greatly encourage his shop-focused playstyle with Restock, but this is just a shower thought.

TL;DR: Add Steam Sale and Restock as starting items; consider Hive Mind and Car Battery
No screenshots, but the mod is pretty self-explanatory and you will be adding them soon so I will seal this.
I fixed the lost's D4 by adding ' items="284" ' after 'armor="1"'. Not sure why it isn't in the xml file by default but it works for now.
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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