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Portal Gun
Cheat on tests!
Created 9 years ago
Replaces the textures of Ventricle Razor with the portal gun and portals! Warp between rooms to make travel quicker! Escape crowded rooms! Cheat the lost's holy mantle! Scum boss rush! The possibilities are almost endless!

Note: you must have afterbirth for this to work.


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Items & Trinkets
I was expecting this item to be replaced with this the minute I saw it. Awesome!
hey, you remember me? (if not don´t worry, anybody do i )
Can i please get an mod where i can play GLaDOS?
And Wheatly... AND the space core for sure xD
(Okey just Fun xD but can someone please make one? It would be soooooooooo awsome )
I'm doing this.. FOR SCIENCE! Not to cheat
this feels like youtube comments
Very good work, but very primitive
finally i will actually use this item
That's an idea I've wanted forever Thanks
Cool mod, now you just have to replace it lives with GLADoS
But i dont want to break GLaDOS's heart again
Now all I need is a Wheatly follower and I would jizz everywhere.
Portal is love portal is life bitches
And Portals can be used for Science...
And too stay alive...
i can use this mod for my mod of christmas?
I'm sorry for the late reply, but of course! As long as you give a credit.
sobre eso, creo que saldrá en 2016 por problemas, disculpeme, creo que saldrá en enero

Vale, estoy excitado de verlo terminado !
xD he pegado por accidente el comentario en español, sorry, i use the google translate :p coming soon!
It really makes much more sense!!
Thanks for the mod!!
Well uhhh... I prefer Ventricle Razor.
nice I have been wanting this change it just makes so much sence
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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