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The Jack-O-Lantern Mod (Rebirth)
Adds Stingy Jack to now roam here for an eternity
Created 9 years ago
A late Halloween themed character I've had. This adds Stingy Jack, the original inspirational myth for Jack-O-Lanterns, as a character. The mod give Jack The Lump of Coal and Fire Mind (In case you're wondering why, look up the legend! It's interesting to say the least).

Note that there is the option to either have him over Cain or Samson. Both files are included.


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How about giving him the pony, as he is a horseman.
how do you make these? id like to make my own character, but i dont know how. is it some kind of software?
No, it's a little more simple than that. I've never been good at explaining with words though, but I'm certain you can find videos to help you. Once again, sorry...
hmm. alright. thanks anyways, didnt think of that
would be nice if you could change this to an azazel mod (or create a new mod) and give him only transencdence so he's just a pumpkin head
this is a great mod, hope this will be available for AB soon
I'm going to get it soon, I'm just a little broke at the moment and am having trouble handling my money. Don't worry though, I don't mean in a going bankrupt sense, I mean it in a 'I'm not quiet old enough to move out of my parent's home and have a cruddy job' sense.
Oh and spoilers, I have one last Rebirth tested only mod before I start focusing on getting Afterbirth and making mods for it, so hopefully that is sooner rather than later. I will update these mods though!
cool idea but you can change it to be beter with afterbirth support
looks cool but does it afterbirth support?
Not likely, I still haven't gotten Afterbirth, but I will soon and will also try to update my mods when I do. I'll probably add whether it works with Afterbirth or not when I get to it
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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