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+ 16 colours for each vanilla Eden hairstyle
Created 8 years ago
Second update it out, featuring a new hairstyle: "Happy little Cloud".
-160 new classic eden hairstyle recolours
-3 new eden hairstyles, "The Lumberjack", "Wooly" and "Happy Little Cloud".
-16 recoloured versions for each eden hairstyle + Eden white versions for the 3 new hairstyles
-Adding up to a tottal of 208 new hairstyles!
-Rainbow spike hair & Rainbow Lumberjack beard!
-More unquie eden runs!

How to install :
Take the files from the zip and put them in
common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
If you wish to only have the 10 classic eden hairs recoloured take the files from the "Classic recolours only" folder


x 41

- Added the "Happy little Cloud" hairstyle

- Updated sprites for "That other hairstyle", making it look much better.

- Officialy renamed "That other hairstyle" to "Wooly"

- (off-topic) Started working on a general ghrapical improvment mod. For those intrested progress will be posted in updates here.

- Added "Lumberjack Beard" hairstyle, featuring 16 colours + Eden White

- Added "That other hairstyle" hairstyle, featuring 16 colours + Eden White

- Added "Classic recolours only" folder in zip file. This folder contains only the classic hair recolours, and not the "Lumberjack beard" & "That other hairstyle" hairstyles. In the case of future updates this folder will continue to hold only recolours of the 10 original eden hairstyles.

Awesome mod! Makes Eden even better!
I put the hairstyles in the resources folder but it just makes eden bald. how do i fix that?
Can I edit this and use it in a mod pack? I will give credit
What kind of modpack do you have in mind, and what do you plan on editing?
Not necessarily a revamp, but a lot of changes. I planned on editing or replacing some of the hairstyles.
I'm sorry, but then you might as well just make them from a scratch.
You can use mine as guide lines i supouse, but I'd recommend you try and learn how to make them for your self.
I know how to make them lol it's simple I was just asking if I could use yours because people are familiar with it but okay I won't use them.
The time consuming part is the planing and sketching, making the sprite it self hardly takes more than 30 minutes with shading etc.
If you are not willing to commit and spend time needed to make your mod, then it's not worth making.
Awesome job with the new hairstyles and recolors. I really appreciate that you've kept everything in the original style too. looking forward to future updates!
Will you do some hats?
Like dipper's hats from gravity falls?
If not, still thanks for this grat mod!
Won't do hats, this mod is exclusively focusing on recolours of the vanilla hairstyles, and hairstyles that are made in the style of the vanilla hairstyles.
Sorry about the double comment, i replied a bit too quick, but if you want hats i belive the "Eden's Barber Shop" mod contains quite alot of hats, as well as a few of my recolours, which I premited them to use.
I know that eden's barber shop got a lot of hats, but it does not work on afterbirth
Looks really colorful! But is it compatible with Afterbirth?
Oh crap I didn't see that there was Burning Basement on the screenshots. I'm sorry.
tboi:a addiction Edensifies

(i'll leave now)
AWESOME! Do you think you can add more stuff? Like the outdated eden's workshop?
I will only make new hairstyles, that are made in the style of the vanilla hairs.
do an afro hairstile. and do a rainbow version of it.
I've tried to do this before, it's rather difficult to pull off due to the limited canvas size, but worry not, I have not given up!
Some more hair styles would be nice, as long as they are unique.
Oh noes you looked through the files!
i think some new hairstyles would be cool. perhaps make one where all white, and another with color, cause i think both would be cool.
As I said "(All featuring white + 16 colours of course) "
So yes, all would have the standard Eden-white + 16 colours.
ah ah ok. i read it a bit wrong. i thought you were deciding on which one to do. my bad.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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