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Everything is Terrible 2!!!
Difficulty increase + a new way to fill the Greed Machine
Created 5 years ago
Disappointed that Everything is Terrible 2 only made Ultra Greed tougher? Wish it effected the main game, too?

So did I. So I made a mod to bump things up a little for the challenge seeking Isaac player. This mod changes 3 things; Entities, Ambush, and Itempools. All go in your Resources folder like usual.

Entities changelog:

Enemy Brimstone and Angel's beams of light do 1/3rd the damage they used to in friendly fire (this also includes Krampus's Head, sadly.)

Some of the more frail minor bosses were buffed;

-Pin has 200 HP up from 100
-The Frail has 350 HP, up from 200
-Widow has 230 HP now, slightly less than Monstro (near Wrath of the Lamb strength)
-Polycephalus and The Wretched gained a very minor 30 or so points higher than their normal selves.
-The Forsaken now has 320 HP, up from 220.
-Blighted Ovum has double HP (280) to make up for the lack of a killable baby half (Gemini and Steven have 140 per half in vanilla)
-The Hollow has 44 HP per segment, up from 22
-Triachnid has 600 HP, up from 300 (which Daddy Longlegs still has)

Major bosses got a much bigger boost;

-Mom has 1100 HP, up from 675
-It Lives has 2000 HP, up from 950.
-Isaac now has 3000 HP, up from 2000
-Satan's first form has 2000 HP, up from 600
-Satan's second form has 1000 HP, up from 600
-??? has 6000 HP, up from 2000
-The Lamb has 6000 HP, up from 2000. Body has 1000 up from 500.
-Mega Satan form 1 has 7000, up from 3000.
-Mega Satan form 2 has 8000, up from 2000.

A few minor enemies got minor boosts as well, particularly Sheol's Black Maws and little flies and spiders (they have a bit of stage HP now).

Ambush changelog:

All challenge rooms have been reworked to be more difficult. As soon as map editing is possible again, I plan to increase the rewards appropriately, but for now they are just for fun;

-All normal Challenge rooms pre-womb have 5 waves now, 4 waves of enemies, and 1 boss.
-Every chapter has 4 possible Challenge Room layouts, and all are themed after each iteration of Isaac. (Vanilla, Wrath of the Lamb, Rebirth, Afterbirth)
-Boss Challenge rooms have 4 waves, following the above theme. One boss is original Isaac, one debuted in Wrath of the Lamb, one first appeared in Rebirth, and the last is brand new in Afterbirth.
-The Womb/chapter 5 challenge rooms are 15 waves long, with 10 Womb themed waves, and 5 of either Sheol or Cathedral. 12 waves of enemies, 3 bosses, with the reward of contributing to the Greed Machine for winning.
-The Boss Challenge room equivalent also has a greed machine, and is 9 waves long. 5 are 1-on-1's with Womb 1 bosses, the last four are 2-on-1's with depths and below bosses. Again, following the theme of the 4 iterations of Isaac.

-Boss rush is a bit tougher! Instead of 15 waves of 2, it's now 10 waves of 4. The missing Womb bosses and the 7 sins+Ultra Pride (in groups of 2) join the battle as well, for spice.

Item Pools Changelog:

Not too much here. I mainly included this for exactly 1 item (Stopwatch), but messed with a few others just because they are rather good and show up from multiple sources.

-Stopwatch is no longer found in the Shop, but in Secret Rooms
-Censer is now actually in the normal Angel Room pool as opposed to being Greed Mode Exclusive
-Lil' Brimstone is no longer in the Treasure Room pool
-Mom's Knife is also no longer in the Treasure Room pool
-Magic Mushroom is out of the Boss Pool
-Blood of the Martyr is IN the Angel Room pool. Because Angel Rooms suck and need some good items in there.

That's all for now. Remember to uninstall if you want to do dailies, you will be at a disadvantage compared to others.

Ver. 1.0


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Well... I'll go over what I see in the boss changes, since those seem to be the most talked-about topic here.

- Pin: Not much of a problem. I always thought the Pin fights were way too easy (granted they do appear later as normal enemies, but still). That seems to be a trend with most of the worm bosses (minus Scolex, who shouldn't bloody exist).
- The Frail: Pretty much the same case as Pin.
- Widow: I dunno, Widow is a pretty early boss who likes to spawn stuff really frequently and can just jump out of your way. I don't think it needed any changes (granted they're minor ones, but still).
- Polycehpalus and the Wretched: Meh. No complaints.
- The Forsaken: Another boss I feel tends to go by too quickly. Although an extra 100 might be pushing it since it can become invincible for brief moments.
- Blighted Ovum: See Pin.
- The Hollow: Eh. It's a boss that just bounces around the room on a set path; very little could actually make it harder.
- Triachnid: I almost never run into this guy, but I think doubling his HP is a tad overkill considering he can just appear in place of Daddy Long Legs.
- Mom: I'm a little conflicted about this one. Some fights with her go by very quickly, others take way too long even without this buff (especially if it's a red Champion variant).
- It Lives: Okay. Being honest here, I don't care for this change. Even without this buff It Lives tends to take a good few minutes to kill without a very brutal loadout (especially since it ducks out of the way when its spawns have been in a few seconds).
- Isaac: Somewhat of the same case as Mom, but I don't feel as bad about this one since he doesn't spend nearly as much time off-screen.
- Satan: Whoa... Uh... Okay, the second form change isn't bad, but the first form change scares me. This is a super-aggressive boss with very fast telegraphs to attacks that cover a large portion of the room. There isn't much tempting reason to take the Negative in the first place unless you're short on Keys; this doesn't exactly help.
- ???/The Lamb: Normally I would jump on someone for this large of an HP buff, but being the potential final bosses of any run (and honestly a tad underwhelming even with mediocre loadouts; I think Isaac is harder than ???) I think the artificial difficulty here was kind of needed.
- Mega Satan: Okay, I could take ??? and The Lamb but THIS is overkill of the highest degree. 15,000 HP total (triple what he had before), plus the time he spends invincible while fighting the Horsemen, Super Sins and Fallen Angels is a tad extreme even for a final boss. Even Afterbirth+'s immensely cheap Delirium only has two thirds of this.
Realy, Realy Realy nice Mod! But wtf, how hard are the Challengerooms in the Womb. o.O

I also made an Video for this.
What is this masochistic abomination?!

Great, It's kinda weird to say but I love the change to mega satan. I always thought he was a little underpowered.
one of the hardest mods is seen dang
(reads that Mega Satan form 2 has 8000, up from 2000 YOU WOT
In all honesty, making bosses tankier without buffing the player to compensate is NOT fun. It draws out already long fights and makes them boring. I'm fine with the minor boss changes, but the major boss ones? Tone it down a bit.

Some of the bosses have thousands more HP than they normally do. Just looking at them I can tell that you'd pretty much never win unless you got really good runs.
It depends, really. I've been playing with this for quite a while now, and it doesn't feel too long. Lamb and ??? take about 3-4 minutes at worst, and oddly enough the boss that feels the most tanky of all of them is Mom. I die more there than anywhere now.
Yea I agree with the other guy. Making bosses tanky is diluting them. Ive played around with this mod, and its not harder. Its just straight up boring to make the fights longer.
That's the main problem I have starting runs in vanilla. I've just not got the attention span to shoot a billion tears at Mega Fatty or other tanky bosses, and I don't like some of the starting buffs to early bosses. The later ones are ok, though!
And that's totally fine. Not for everyone, really. It was a personal use project after all, I did make it for me more than anyone. =P
The problem with those fights taking 3-4 minutes is that it's unnecessary. The fights don't get harder because you have to sit there and plink away at them longer. Sadly due to the way rebirth/afterbirth modding works it's very hard to actually increase the difficulty legitimately. The best I could suggest is room based stuff like Godmode and Heretic mod do.
Hey dude this is a really cool mod and so i decided that i would be the first to download and like, also i'm probably going to try and play as lost with this installed wish me luck
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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