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The Adversary Mod (Rebirth)
Adds The Adversary over Azazel
Created 5 years ago
Just a simple little mod that adds The Adversary boss over Azazel. Just thought of it one day when I thought it would be fun to play as the Adversary. It will change the way your character looks when they pick up Lord of the Pit, (they honestly look a little bit cooler) so be wary.

You can use it without the XML file, it's only there so that The Adversary starts with 3 demon hearts only and without The Fool card

Also, some feedback on the mod or anything I may have done wrong would be appreciated with this being my first upload and what not...


x 32

- Fixed a little problem with Name changes

- Fixed characters starting with other items

- Now only affects Azazel (Unless I missed something again)

Apparently this needs a password to download?
Now you can play as the 3rd everyone's fav boss!
Please update it to afterbirth
This is AMAZING! now this makes me play azazel more xD
this mod
Could you fix it for afterbirth?
I love it but the keeper and lilith dont have a main menu icon..
And he is bugging out when he picks up items...
can someone please tell me how to install
Looks great! But, I can't really install the 7z file stuff... Could you try and make it a .zip folder please?
When I get Afterbirth I will update all my mods, so for the time being there might not be much I can do
I love his headfirst dive into the next floor.
Glad that you do, I try to make my modded characters a little unique. It's actually a little reference (I guess you can call it that) to one of the Boss's actual attacks
Good mod, I made one like this but abandoned it. Maybe I'll work on it again.
Funny, I've actually had this one sitting around for quiet a while and after a couple of months decided it would be good to share it.
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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