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Minomutchi's Graphical Tweaks
Lots of graphical tweaks to a lot of things in game.
Created 6 years ago
Feature List:
-Adds new color variations to ALL the items that had missing color variations. e.g. Bucket of Lard.
-3 Dollar Bill is now replaced by Play-Doh!
-Dead Dove no longers has the same sprite as Ouija Board, now has a The Spoiler recolor.
-All the syringes items have different and polished textures to be easier to tell apart! Thanks /u/locou !
-???'s Soul now has a transluscent purple color.
-Butt Penny now has "c" in the middle.
-Tinted Rocks are now more visible while keeping their respective floor color theme!
-Spiders, Big Spiders and most fly enemies now have polished textures and look prettier!
-???'s Only Friend, Big Fan and BBF have transluscent wings.
-Fly items now have new textures! Including their orbitals! (Thanks /u/Nhoise for letting me use FA and DA)
-Dark Bum and Bum Friend are no longer sad, and instead are neutral!
-Dead Bird trinket ghost now looks more ghastly instead of being plain transparent.
-Spider Baby has new textures to go along with the fly changes!
-Punching Bag has a new sprite, and looks more beaten up!!!!!
-Mom is now a lot less gross.
-Maggy looks happy during character selection, so now she looks a lot happier now ingame!
-Maggy looks less weird in the character selection and items are now represented by stars.
-Mom's Bra should be less gross to use, D4 and D10 now have more detail and proper colors on use.
-Blighted Ovum VS. screen now matches his in game sprite and his ghostly friend looks less, old.
-Mega Stan second form now has red little eyes! EVIL
-Mask of Infamy now has a better looking back when damaged, and comes with 3 variatons you can choose! (They are inside the .rar)
-Mom's Nail is now Mom's Sock, but the sprite sucks, so if someone can make a better one please tell me.
-Better looking sprites for lots of babies! This includes: A better looking Little Steven, a handsome Ghost Baby (Props to Nhoise), Commander Video replacing Rainbow Baby, little color tweaks to Robo-Baby, Harlequin Baby getting replaced by the Aether Monster!, and Headless Baby being a lot less ugly (you can choose to make him look like Lil'Beelzebub, another option with the archives in the .rar).
-Lil' Haunts now show up in the death note when they kill you, instead of the Walking Spider Nests, but when these kill you it will show up a Lil' Haunt, but come on, what kills you more often?
-Some tweaks to some bosses death note when they kill you.
-The new items added by this mod now have their own sprite in the item list.

Full Album:

Coming Soon:
-Anything that i find that i see i can upgrade/change.
-Any suggestions you guys have.

Install Instructions:
Just merge it with your resources folder, and if there's something specific that you don't like, just erase it's corresponding archives.


x 172

- Should NOW work

- Try #7 to make the file work again.

- "Hopefully" screenshots, the icon and the mod file work now.

- Bugfixes

- Better and new sprites to lots of babies.

- Lil' Haunts show up when they kill you.

- Tweaks to some death bosses screens.

- New icons for the new items in the item list.

- Mask of Infamy now has 3 variations.

- Tweaks to Blighted Ovum vs Screen.

- Tweaks to Punching Bag.

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Enemies & Bosses
Items & Trinkets
HUD & Menus
New Enemies
"-Mega Stan second form now has red little eyes! EVIL"
Next you make him Stan from Gravity Falls.
*Makes Mega Stan*
my drems hav cum tru
Umm, how do I install this? When I open the file, it has many folders inside. Not sure how to 'merge' them all, like you said in the instructions.
I would like to know if its possible to remove certain changes this mod makes (like the blocky ghost baby, and the Lil' Steven re-skin), and also if its afterbirth compatible.
That's not bad... But is it FULLY compatible with Afterbirth?
Beautiful mod but when I tried it with Afterbirth I noticed that the yellow blinking flies are invisible. I had to add a few more fly graphics to the .png files. You should update that for everyone
I had the same issue! Do you think it would be possible for you to share your .png edits?
Seeing as I don't actually know how to modify them myself. :|
#i too would like to know the .png file for the flashing yellow flies so they're no longer invisible
oh man. this is all great, but honestly, i dont much care for half of it. yeah, its an improvement, but i dont hate the original so, eh. tinted rocks were the only thing i really didnt like, however play-do seemed cool. too bad im too lazy to go through the process for that...ill probably be back
Man, even these little changes make stuff look so much nicer. Well done!
Is it OK if I use some of the retextures from this mod in a mod I'm making? Off the top of my head, it's the Dead Dove, tinted rock, and Mom retextures.
I'm having trouble installing the mod, as I'm not sure what folders to drag into the "resources" folder. If this seems naggy I'm sorry, but I would like it vey much to have this mod. (I'm new to this whole mod thing, so sorry).
Try downloading

This is a mod loader - MUCH easier to use and it's also very handy.
Nice, looks alot better than before ;p
It's like a "spot the difference"
Could you put a mega or mediafire link on reddit post please?I don't have it on steam and i like you mod
if you didn't download it from steam then try adding it to your steam library. that might work
If you don't have steam how are you playing the game?
I've bought it on steam a month ago, because it was my birthday and I;ve got some money.I know that the devs diserve and I am happy to pay $25 for it because they've spent months to create this game.
Sweet! Thanks man! Mod is awesome.
Yo guys sorry about the file being empty, i have been trying to contact admins since the last, idk, 4 days?

They told me to update or edit the mod, but still no progress...
The 1.42 version is absolutely empty (0 bytes) and can't be opened... I hope to see this problem fixed soon enough, I'd love to check out this mod!
This mod looks great! Just a note though...Version 1.42 is completely empty. I'm not sure if it's an issue on my side or the site though. Anyone else getting this?
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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