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Nice Lilith
The Guardian Challange Lilith Skin on regular Lilith
Created 4 years ago
The skin for Lilith during The Guardian Challange over the regular Lilith


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Now you need to give her Immaculate Conception and reskin Incubus to look more, angel like.
never understood why lilith looked like this in the challenge in the first place. Good lilith is better
I like megagod's idea of replacing the cambion conception, but it'd be cool if you could reskin the spear in the challenge too!
your the best arond some mods may bring you down, but this mod is amazing thx, wade
If you're going to change the skin, might as well change Lilith's name and black hearts to soul hearts.
Replace cambion conception with immaculate conception.Also possibly retexture incubus into a red angel
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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